Modern Warfare 3 Leak Highlights The Return of Remastered MW2 Maps

Modern Warfare 3 is making waves even before its official launch, and the latest leaks have the franchise fans trembling over a surprisingly possible outcome. With a release date set for November 10th, 2023, here’s a concise summary of the leaks dominating the conversation.

Emerging from the leaks is the introduction of remastered maps from the classic Modern Warfare 2 (2009). Trusted leaker ‘el_bobberto’ on Twitter, who has gained attention recently for his spree of information releases about Modern Warfare 3, made this revelation.

The Call of Duty fans have long cherished Modern Warfare 2 maps. They are hailed by many as the pinnacle of in-game battlegrounds. The prospect of seeing these iconic maps, like Rust, Terminal, and Highrise, in a revamped, polished look for Modern Warfare 3 is understandably exhilarating for fans.

Apart from the excitement about the maps, the leaks have shed light on other game aspects:

  • Players can expect a 150 Health system.
  • The ever-popular red dots on the minimap are making a comeback.
  • The democratic map voting feature returns, giving players a say in the next map selection.
  • The beloved Stalker perk is making its way back into the game.
  • The game’s dynamics are further enhanced with a tactical sprint feature, which interestingly recharges while the player is involved in regular sprinting.
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