New Features and Updates for EA Sports FC 24 Career Mode Detailed in Deep-Dive Trailer

EA Sports has recently pulled back the curtain on the changes and improvements made to Player and Manager Career Modes in its upcoming football simulation game, EA Sports FC 24. The game has not only improved the on-pitch gameplay with HyperMotion V and PlayStyles but also has brought forth much-anticipated revamps to the Career mode. The deep-dive can be found embedded above.

As EA Sports outlined in the recently released career deep dive trailer, one of the significant changes in the Manager Career mode is the introduction of a total management system. It enables managers to recruit and manage a coaching staff with diverse specialties. The size and quality of your coaching staff will directly impact the progression of your players’ attributes.

Additionally, EA Sports FC 24 is putting more emphasis on match preparations. Managers now have access to a revamped team training system, with the choice between five different Training Plans. Each plan focuses on different aspects like Performance and Energy, and the chosen plan can dynamically adapt to numerous factors like player fitness, minutes played, and the team’s fixture schedule. Managers will also receive pre-match reports, providing a thorough tactical analysis of the next opponent.

Another notable feature is Match Ready Training. These one-off training sessions before games can provide temporary PlayStyle unlocks for players who complete them successfully.

Turning towards the Player Career mode, the standout feature is the addition of player agents. These agents help the player establish both short- and long-term targets, aiding in achieving specific goals like transferring to a major club in a particular league. This addition offers a new layer of control over a player’s career path.

EA Sports FC 24 has also included several new cutscenes and events, such as open-top bus parades and even a Ballon D’or ceremony at the end of each year. Within Manager Career, real-time tactics can be set while spectating matches, while the Player Career mode features a new, immersive Focus Camera that places the player at the center of the action.

To top it all, players can now strive for football’s greatest individual honour: the Ballon d’Or. These features aim to take the Player and Manager Career Modes to the next level, enriching the gameplay experience with added depth and realism.

EA Sports FC 24 is set to launch on September 29 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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