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Pokémon GO 2023 Pokemon World Championships Event Details

Scheduled from August 11 to 13, 2023, in Yokohama, Japan, the highly anticipated 2023 Pokémon World Championships are drawing near. In what promises to be a clash of titans, the most skilled Pokémon GO players from every corner of the world will gather to compete for the prestigious title of the 2023 Pokémon GO World Champion.

As part of the exciting rewards lineup, the Pokémon GO World Champion will secure an exclusive in-game World Champion 2023 outfit and pose, showcasing their hard-earned victory. Within the realm of Pokémon GO, Trainers are invited to partake in the festivities of the annual Pokémon World Championships through the introduction of two captivating new additions: Passimian and WCS 2023 Pikachu.

The event will bring with it a host of bonuses for dedicated Pokémon GO players. The maximum number of sets permissible in the Go Battle League will see an exciting boost, extending the limit to 10 sets. Furthermore, Pokémon encountered through GO Battle League rewards will exhibit a more diverse range of Attack, Defense, and HP stats, adding an extra layer of depth to battles.

A special World Championships-themed Timed Research will be a highlight of the event. By successfully completing the research tasks, participants will unlock coveted rewards including the Elite Fast TM, a unique encounter with the World Championships 2023 Pikachu, and a range of other exciting items.

The event also brings an array of new Charged and Fast attacks for select Pokémon:

Alolan Sandslash:

  • By evolving an Alolan Sandshrew during the event, Trainers can acquire an Alolan Sandslash equipped with the formidable Fast Attack, Shadow Claw.


  • Through evolving a Machoke during the event, a Machamp will emerge wielding the potent Charged Attack, Payback.


  • Evolving a Seel during the event will result in a Dewgong that boasts both the Fast Attack Ice Shard and the Charged Attack Icy Wind.


  • The event offers the chance to evolve a Sealeo and receive a Walrein armed with the versatile Fast Attack Powder Snow and the impactful Charged Attack Icicle Spear.


  • Evolving a Galarian Linoone during the event will reward Trainers with an Obstagoon equipped with the strategic Charged Attack, Obstruct.

With the 2023 Pokémon World Championships on the horizon, anticipation is building for the epic showdown that will determine the next Pokémon GO World Champion.

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