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Pokémon GO Fest 2023 Non-Ticket Experience Shared By A Fellow Trainer

Many of us wondered what the experience for non-ticket holders during the Pokémon GO Fest 2023: Global day one, and now, we have the answer.

In a recent post on Reddit, a fellow Trainer explained in detail their experience as a non-ticket holder during the Pokémon GO Fest 2023: Global event, and it really is not what we all thought. First off, it was limited in terms of Pokémon that are spawning in the wild, but it was not that bad.

Due to limited mobility and energy, the Trainer chose a relaxed gameplay, as opposed to a “hectic” one. As we all know, non-ticket Trainers did not have any Timed Researches or Collection Challenges that were part of the event, so all they got was spawns. When talking about spawns, this Trainer encountered region-specific Pokémon and Special Costume Pikachu.

Incense spawns were regular for non-ticket holders, and they were not boosted that much, as everyone said. Certain spawns like Unown weren’t available from Incense, and Carbink didn’t spawn as well. This Pokémon was only available in Raids and Research tasks. As for Shiny Pokémon, the chance of encountering them was okay.

Overall, the experience for non-ticket holders was good, but it could be limited due to the bonuses that ticket holders have.

Were you a participant in day one of Pokémon GO Fest 2023: Global event? How did it go? Were you a ticket-holder, or a non-ticket-holder? Tell us in the comments below.

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  1. I’m sticking to my decision to not give Niantic more money. The spawn choices are underwhelming and uninspired anyway. So I played without ticket yesterday and got 2 Shinies. Only for half of the duration because I got lazy afterwards. My friend played full 8 hours and not a single Shiny.

  2. Due to changes in the game, I’m spending less. I wasn’t willing to fork over 15 dollars for the event. I’m still playing just less.

  3. I played go fest as a ticket holder and for the most part it was good money issue was the mega Rayquaza raids I fought in one and the game glitched when I tried to catch Rayquaza but on the plus side I have diancie now so that’ll be useful but still Niantic please fix this

  4. I didn’t but a ticket. I got a shiny rayquaza and 98%. I hatched a shiny mawile, caught a shiny gible, caught a shiny timbur, and my girlfriend caught multiple shinies without a ticket as well. We only play an hour on day 1 and played all day today and had a great time with a huge community show out in Puyallup, WA. OVERALL I had a great time. People are being picky and upset about changes and spawn rates. It is what it is. The fun is in the community and the running around together and sharing an experience. GO Fest gave us just that ticket or no ticket. Our friends had tickets and didn’t have any more fun than we did, they just had a few extra spawns and did more free raids. I paid for mine with premium passes since rayquaza and other raids popped every 5 to 10 minutes all around us. The great raid box was worth it for this as well.

  5. I was a ticket holder and there were some glitches but over all it was good. I agree Niantic need sto fix issues. I got tobs of shines.

  6. I didn’t buy a ticket. I played a few hours on each day. 2 shinies. I enjoyed the Snorlax raids the most. I was satisfied with what I wanted to do over the weekend.

  7. The ticket was absolutely worth it in my opinion for the 9 free raid passes a day & the Diancie we got. The increased shiny rate made it that much more exciting & worth it as well.. We got lots of good stuff from the research, considering everything we got vs what the ticket price was it was actually great. The challenge that we had to reach globally on day one each hour, awarded x2 candy, x2 XP & x2 stardust.. I earned hundreds of thousands of stardust alone. I do agree that Niantic needs to fix glitches, (what’s new lol) my son got glitched out of 3 Rayquaza raids & had started crying the 3rd time (he’s young) but by the end of the day both my sons ended up with 2 shiny Rayquaza each lol.

  8. No ticket used and got a 2 star green crown Pikachu and a low 3 star blue crown Pikachu. Overall, I am pleased with the 2 Pikas I got. As far as I could tell, the incense was like any other day. I did not find a shiny anything, but I did get some candies for people I wanted to power up. Had no remote raid passes and have not received a free one from however it is you get one. Had several invites, including the new legendary, but I knew I would not be getting one, so I was not disappointed there. Raids were so frequent and had a short time, which led me to walk across town in the heat to just miss it by like 10 or 20 seconds. Raids were….very disappointing. Overall I did notnlikenthe event, it felt like not paying was deemed punishable. But I saved 15 bucks, I’m not sure the digi gods would have toyed with me any less Had I.

    1. So you should just be given for free what the ticket holders paid for ? Unfortunately if you don’t pay for things in this world you don’t get them.

  9. Ticket holder here. I’m definitely against giving up too much money since the remote raid nerf, but my goal is a complete shiny dex before I give it all up. I caught over 20 shinies on day 1 and played a few hours on day 2. The ticket was worth it for me but I salute those who chose to forego purchasing one. I raided Kyogre hard before the weekend so I wouldn’t have to worry about raiding. I did a few Ray Ray’s on Sunday. Great experience!

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