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Pokemon Go First Zygarde 50% Form Change, Gather 50 Zygarde Cells to Change Zygarde’s Form

In Pokemon Go, Zygarde Cells play a crucial role in changing Zygarde’s form. These Cells are obtained through the new Routes feature, which encourages Trainers to explore their local areas by following user-generated mapped routes. To access Routes, tap on the ‘Nearby’ menu and switch to the ‘Route’ tab. By selecting ‘See Nearby Routes,’ you can view a list of user-created Routes close to your current location.

To collect Zygarde Cells, choose a Route and head to its starting point, which will typically be a PokeStop or Gym. As you follow the highlighted path on the in-game map, you have the chance to discover glowing Zygarde Cells scattered along the way.

Accumulating 50 Zygarde Cells will allow you to change Zygarde 10% Forme into Zygarde 50% Forme. However, to reach its Complete Forme, you will need a total of 250 Zygarde Cells.

Trainer u/JARL9801 becomes the first, to our knowledge, to unlock Zygarde’s 50% Forme, generously sharing the captivating form-change animation with the community. Check out the change-form animation below.


Zygarde 50%!
by u/JARL9801 in TheSilphRoad

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When asked about their rapid acquisition of 50 Zygarde Cells, u/JARL9801 explained that they were fortunate to have access to Routes from the very beginning, starting on June 20. Since then, they consistently collected the maximum daily limit of 3 Zygarde Cells for 17 consecutive days, resulting in a total of 51 Zygarde Cells.

Exploring these Routes and gathering Zygarde Cells can be an exciting way to enhance your Pokemon Go experience while evolving and transforming Zygarde into its more potent forms. So get out there, explore, and capture those elusive Zygarde Cells.

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