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Pokemon Go GoFest 2023: New York City Park Experience Felt Rushed, Not Many PokeStops And Pokemon Available

Well, well, well. If it isn’t another rushed Pokemon Go event that had several problems, and not a good user experience. Nothing new to be honest.

This past weekend, players had the opportunity to enjoy Pokemon Go Fest 2023: New York City, which took place at Randall’s Island Park and throughout New York City. Many players that attended the city experience said that they absolutely enjoyed themselves, however, this is not the same with the park experience.

Since both experiences are part of the same event, you would think that they both will be thrilling, filled with Pokemon, PokeStops, and whatnot. That is not the case. While the city experience was not rushed and was filled with Raids, Pokemon, PokeStops and other delights, the park experience lacked everything from the city experience.

One player said that they felt like they haven’t got enough time to catch the available Pokemon. The spot was quite small, and had a “dead spot”. The special research took a lot of time, and at the very end, the players had only one hour left to search for other Pokemon. Many players report that for them, the park experience part of Go Fest 2023 was a waste of money.

Do you think the same? Were you part of the park experience? How was it?

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  1. The park experience has always been this way. Not sure why you are shocked it was different. It’s always been more of a hassle to get shinies during the park portion with their habitats and being in such a small confine with so many people. This is the main thing we always tell new people. Grind the city portion for shinies because the park portion will suck.

  2. This article if you can even call it that is a waste of time and really offers nothing. Why did they feel rushed? What exactly did people feel like was the problem with the event? What thing should have changed to make it better? Why is journalism such a dead art? And what exactly are you even getting paid to report anymore that makes this useful to anyone?

  3. Wow. If it’s anything I’ve learned from all these years of playing this game, is that this is the most toxic, most entitled player base in all of gaming. Y’all are the Rick and Morty fans of gaming. Literally any move Niantic makes is a massive problem and you all cry like sick babies. The park experience cost $15 if you got it when you should have. The average player I talked to got about 15 shinies in the park, plus lots of rares and raids. There wasn’t a single glitch or hiccup the entire time. There was plenty of space to walk around, plenty of shade from the sun. Worth every penny. And if you were crying about only getting 15 shinies In the park, you had the whole rest of the day to play at Bryant park and catch as many as you want. I finished the 2 days of the event ( I paid for the extra city day) with over 60 shinies. All the ones I didn’t have except for a 2nd surskit. I got a ton of rares I didn’t have, even hatched 2 larvestas. Ended up with a million stardust, about 1.5 million xp. Couldn’t have been a better event and good job Niantic having the entire thing go off without a single issue. Entitled nerds will cry over everything cause this game is their personality. Real players had an amazing time.

  4. I think people should shut up about the problems with Niantic. They release an update and people starts to criticise as It comes out. When i play PoGo i am excited for these. Can you enjoy something in the game. Thank Niantic for once. Because with all this hate, well I won’t be for the day Niantic says something like “PokemonGo is shutting down.” And everyone will be begging for it back. S*** up and enjoy what you have. It’s like the PoGo community is aiming for the bad and not the good. (This is not aimed at all PoGo players) Just shut up and enjoy what you have.

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