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Pokémon GO Invisible Poké Ball Bug, Three Months and Counting, What’s Going On?

Trainers, if you’ve been grinding away in Pokémon GO, you may have noticed a pesky issue that’s seriously affecting gameplay, especially if you’re an AR Mode fan. We’re talking about the notorious invisible Poké Ball bug. Yeah, it’s as annoying as it sounds. Let’s break it down.

For the past three months, a frustrating glitch has been plaguing AR Mode users. Imagine this: You enter AR Mode to take that perfect shot, but lo and behold, your Poké Balls are invisible. Yup, you heard that right, invisible. Although they were still throwable, you just couldn’t see them.

After many updates, one would expect this issue to be a thing of the past. Unfortunately, Niantic seems to have doubled down on the problem. Few updates ago, not only were the Balls invisible, but you also couldn’t throw one until you selected a new Ball or tossed a berry. Talk about adding insult to injury.

Invisible Ball Bug worse than before in latest update especially in AR mode
by u/Captain_X24 in TheSilphRoad

Some of us really lean on AR Mode to nail those excellent throws and skip the pre-throw animations. It’s a time-saver, making the grind much more enjoyable. But this bug? It’s throwing a wrench into our well-oiled Pokémon-catching machine.

Every encounter now starts with no visible ball, forcing players to either select a different ball or use a berry just to proceed. This might seem like a minor inconvenience, but when you’re capturing dozens or hundreds of Pokémon a day, these little things add up.

So, Trainers, what are your experiences with this irritating bug? Have you found any workarounds or tips to manage it? Share your insights in the comments below. Let’s keep the pressure on Niantic to address this ASAP.

And as always, may your Poké Balls fly true, even if you can’t see them.

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