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Pokemon Go Meteorites Now Obtainable From Mega Rayquaza Raids, A Very Rare Drop

Trainers, have you ever wondered about taking your Pokemon battles up a notch? The solution lies in an exclusive and elusive item known as the Meteorite. Within the Pokemon Go world, the Meteorite holds a critical role in unlocking the incredible potential of Mega Rayquaza and its signature move, Dragon Ascent.

In the constantly evolving universe of Pokemon Go, new opportunities for enhancing your gameplay emerge, and among them, Meteorites stand out as one of the most intriguing additions. These uncommon items serve as the key to unlocking the full capabilities of Mega Rayquaza, a legendary and fearsome Pokemon.

Meteorites are a very rare item and their primary purpose is to teach Mega Rayquaza the powerful move, Dragon Ascent. This Charged Attack has the ability to dramatically shift the tides of battle, turning Mega Rayquaza into an unstoppable force.

Mega Rayquaza is already celebrated as a powerhouse in the Pokemon universe. Its Mega Evolution propels its strength to new heights, making it a formidable contender in battles. However, the true pinnacle of Mega Rayquaza’s potential is reached by incorporating Dragon Ascent.

Dragon Ascent is a move exclusively teachable to Rayquaza through the use of Meteorites. This Charged Attack not only inflicts significant damage but also introduces a unique facet to Mega Rayquaza’s skill set, allowing it to adapt to various battle scenarios.

Pokemon Go How to Get Meteorites?

Securing Meteorites is no simple task. These items can be obtained by participating in specific events or completing Special Research Tasks. Their scarcity adds to their allure, making them highly sought-after by trainers seeking to maximize their Pokemon’s potential.

For trainers fortunate enough to attend Go Fest events in London, New York, and Osaka, luck is on their side. These attendees have the opportunity to obtain Meteorites and bolster the power of their Mega Rayquaza.

For those unable to partake in the festivities of these cities, Pokemon Go Fest Global offers an alternative. Taking place on August 26, and 27, 2023, this event introduces a Special Research Storyline that culminates in the rewarding acquisition of Meteorites.

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