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Pokémon GO Paldean Pokémon That Might Be Coming Into The Game

Yesterday we found some news that shook up the whole Pokémon GO community, and we couldn’t help but think about the new Pokémon that might be coming our way.

Our favorite Pokémon YouTuber named Poké AK has shared with the community a video where he explains more about the Paldean region, how they might look, and which ones might be joining the most popular mobile game at the moment.

There might be a bit of a problem when it comes to Candy for these Pokémon, but we hope that they will be resolved once these new beasts arrive.

The Paldean Pokémon that might be joining the game soon are:

  • Sprigatito (Grass) and its evolutions Floragato (Grass) and Meowscarada (Grass and Dark) – a fan favorite Pokémon
  • Fuecoco (Fire) and its evolutions Crocalor (Fire) and Skeledirge (Fire and Ghost)
  • Quaxly (Water) and its evolutions Quaxwell (Water) and Quaquaval (Water and Fighting)
  • Lechonk (Normal) and its evolution Oinkologne (Normal)
  • Smoliv (Grass and Normal) and its evolutions Dolliv (Grass and Normal) and Arboliva (Grass and Normal)
  • Pawniard (Dark and Steel; already available) and its evolutions Bisharp (Dark and Steel) and Kingambit (Dark and Steel)
  • Paldean Tauros (Combat Breed; Fighting) and its other forms Blaze Breed (Fighting and Fire) and Aqua Breed (Fighting and Water)
  • Paldean Wooper (Poison and Ground) and its evolution Clodsire (Poison and Ground)
  • Annihilape (Fighting and Ghost) – Primeape’s evolution

What an exciting time is coming to Pokémon GO. Let’s all get ready for what Niantic has in store for us in the upcoming months.

What do you think? Which Paldean Pokémon would you choose?

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