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Pokémon GO Player Banned For Cheating, Says They Didn’t Do Anything But Gets Blasted By The Community

Cheaters. Nobody loves them. Absolutely nobody. Not even the Pokémon GO community.

A funny moment happened a few hours ago, where a “clueless” Trainer posted a picture of a received ban on the mobile game due to “using modified client software or unauthorized third-party software”. The Trainer then asked why they got banned, because they didn’t do anything wrong. They went on to tell the Pokémon GO Community Facebook group that they think this is an accidental ban.

However, Trainers being Trainers, they soon found out that this particular Trainer is a cheater from other pictures that were posted from that account, where it clearly shows that the “clueless” Trainer is a spoofer/cheater.

Soon enough, all honest Trainers blasted the cheater, letting everybody know that they had got a spoofer in their sacred community.

Here are some of our favorite comments:

“Oh look, the consequences of my own actions”

“Lmao you got caught spoofing”

Trainers, take this into consideration. Do not use third-party software, otherwise, you will get banned, like this Trainer above.

What do you think about this situation? Let’s talk in the comments below.

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  1. Annnnd now you’ve been banned from the group, if you had read the rules properly when you joined you would have seen ‘spoofing’ is perfectly acceptable in there and any anti-spoofing remarks have been removed.

  2. If you asked me I think spoofing should be allowed cause there are certain Pokémon’s that are not in certain regions…

    I don’t spoof cause I don’t want to be ban but hey I think you should allow it unless you send the Pokémon’s to the regions…
    Meaning the world to be equal to everyone playing the game…
    It’s much affordable to spoof than to fly by plane…
    Am just making sense…
    Thank You and have a nice day…

  3. I mean cheaters in some games like DBD are funny. Until they aren’t ofc cause there are some that are just total assholes

  4. Spoofing wouldn’t be a thing if Niantic filled areas in small towns are wastelands and small cities are somewhat playable but raids 20 plus raids are slim to none to happen.

  5. Niantics rules on 3rd party services are bull. They punish people who live in rural areas by not allowing pokestop submissions for no reason at all, and then punish people further when they try to just keep up with the city dwellers. When you live in a town of 500, 2 hours away from the nearest city and are really the only daily player, how the heck are you supposed to “Catch em all” like their slogan suggests. Yeah, I spoofed, and I got caught. Just means I need to wait a while and find a better way. I mean what exactly is the harm? Not like Im taking all the monopoly money…I’m filling a pokedex for my own viewing pleasure.

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