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Pokémon GO Player Submits Two Routes, One Get Instantly Approved, The Other Under Review

Pokémon GO has implemented a new feature a few weeks back, and as always, with every new feature, there were quite some bugs and delays. But this feature, oh boy, it was a special one.

The feature in question is called Routes. This new mechanic allows players to create or follow walking trails that are either created by the Trainer themselves or by other Trainers that happen to be walking the route. Now, what I am most perplexed about is the time it takes for Niantic to review and approve routes. While there might be a lot of submissions, we do think that three to four weeks is an absolutely absurd wait time.

A Pokémon GO player reported that they have submitted two routes at the same time. The problem here is, one route was almost immediately approved, and the other one is still under review (at least it is at the moment of writing).

How do they work, we still do not know. We just hope that they will get their whole “approval” process better and more efficient in the future.

Has this happened to you? Tell us in the comments below.

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  1. Yes. This happened to me. We got one near a Community College Campus almost immediately approved, but the neighborhood park one still isn’t showing up.

  2. I did two on Thursday the 17th in a local park and got instant approval. I was able to play on the first one I made right after finishing submitting the second one. The second one I was able to play after completing the first route. So like 10 minutes and approved. I did three more on Saturday the 19th. 2 in a different area park I like to play in and one connecting two local parks in my neighborhood. As of 10 AM the 24th, still under review. I don’t get it.

  3. I submitted 2 routes at my local park on 8/2/23 and they published one on 8/7/23 but the other is still under review. I would love to know what their review system entails.

    1. Submitted 5 routes in late July. One was approved in a week, I walked it 7 times then they rejected it for no reason. Another was approved later and I have walked that 25 times, it is still available. The other 3 are still under review as of 23 August

  4. Yep! I have created 7 routes so far. 5 are published and 2 are under review. I’ve had 3 get approved within a few hours to 24 hrs. The other 4 have all taken a full week.
    I feel my shorter routes that I did walking went within 24 hrs. My others that are longer that I rode my bike to create, took the week length.

  5. I created 9 routes so far, all in parks or along short hiking trails. 8 of them are still in review a week later. One got instantly approved – ironically the one out of nine that’s in an area I only visited on that day and likely won’t return to anytime soon.

    Two of the ones awaiting review have a very similar description and the same tags as the approved one, so I have no idea what the criteria are.

  6. You Guys/Gals, (Hes, Shes, Them, They, Its) should be thankful that you can not only submit routes but also have any to follow… in New Zealand, where i am it is impossible to find any Routes at all… which is completely pathetic… we get held back and hindered while others can make & use/follow. I will not spend anymore on a game that favors certain players or countries over others… be fair.

  7. I have made 10 routes so far…. I had a hell of a time at first to even make them. My game always glitched out, restarted, or paused continuously. After finally getting all that figured out, I was only allowed to do 5. It took 6 days for 4 to publish then I couldn’t make anymore for a month. Magically after trying over and over to make a route I was able to make 4 more. One instantly published and I’m now waiting for the rest. It’s been a week. Also a route was rejected that I have been completing for a month without any reasoning. It’s very frustrating

  8. I have two routes in a limbo. Created the first on 18, August, second on 21. August (no technical problems, even though I was walking a dog with all the distractions from that). Both are hanging “under review” now on 30. August. And there aren’t many routes around here.
    When I made those there was only one (maybe two, that was a bit farther off and I heard about it from another player). Now the person who created the very first has succeeding in getting two more. Haven’t encountered the person IRL, would like to ask when they did submit those routes…

  9. In western Europe: I made 10 routes, 2 approved almost directly. Rest is already waiting 3 weeks.
    My partner player made also 10, only 1 approved.
    10 is max of suggested routes. And you can no undo it
    Hope they will fix it quickly coz there are lots of places where are no routes available.

  10. Greetimgs from Germany. Just made a single one, exactly 14 days ago, 2.794m (round about half an hour; game instead says: 63 minutes). In my town are right now only three routes available (15, 22 and 34 minutes according to the game). Small parts of my roundroute (with 7 Arenas and 30 Pokestops) are within the three shorter ones. But if “repetitions” are not alowed, there would be only ome route instead of the actual three). When I submitted my one, there where only two other routes.

  11. I submitted my first two routes on August, 24 on different places. Now both of them i still under review. There are no routes nerbye theese.

  12. Submitted one on August 27. Today is September 29, still under review. Submitted another one yesterday. There are NO routes anywhere near, so this is quite annoying…

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