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Pokémon GO Players Obtain Shadow Hisuian Sneasel, Hours After It Changes Into Regular Hisuian Sneasel

Pokémon GO is known as a game with a lot of bugs and glitches. When I say a lot, I mean like a lot, a lot.

As part of the recent Pokémon GO Fest 2023: New York event, during the Noxious Swamp “sub” event,  players had the delight to fight against many Pokemon in three-star Raids, including Shadow Sneasel. Well, imagine the delight when you see Shadow Hisuian Sneasel. That delight quickly burnt down though, when the Shadow Hisuian Sneasel reverted into a regular Hisuian Sneasel. It looks like the game has got another bug, or maybe a glitch that might have ruined a lot of players’ positive experiences during the event.

Many players reported that this has indeed happened to them. They stated that they got Shadow Hisuian Sneasel right after defeating it in a Raid, and when they went back after some hours, that Shadow Hisuian Sneasel turned into a regular Hisuian Sneasel.

Now, why would Niantic do such a forceful change? On a Pokémon that is a valuable asset to both the Pokédex and Raid Battle teams?

Has this happened to you? Please report to us in the comments below.

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