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Pokémon GO Players Reveal the Mistakes They Regret Most as New Trainers

Attention Pokémon GO Trainers, we’ve discovered a thread on the official Pokémon GO Reddit that has caught the community’s interest. This thread isn’t just about commiserating over past mistakes; it’s a guide, filled with confessions from players sharing their worst decisions when they first started playing the game. By learning from their experiences, we hope to save you from making the same errors and help you on your journey to becoming a Pokémon GO Master.

A Pokémon GO player sparked a conversation about their most regrettable decisions on Reddit, receiving a significant response. One example that stood out was a player who disposed of all Pokémon from 2016, overlooking the opportunity for Lucky Trades. Remember, any Pokémon from 2016 or 2017 is guaranteed lucky for the first 15 trades. This little tidbit is one of many that could help you avoid similar missteps.

Here are some of the other mistakes players confessed to making, along with their regrets. These comments are sourced directly from the Pokémon GO Reddit thread:

  • Misguided Evolutions: One player evolved and powered up a Slaking to 4148CP with rare candy.
  • Unlucky Trades: Trading a legendary for a Salamance with a Lucky Friend.
  • Chasing IVs Blindly: Discarding high-level Pokémon because of an obsession with IVs rather than assessing overall value.
  • Ignoring Movesets: Thinking that type was all that mattered for raids, completely neglecting the importance of movesets.
  • Impulsive Trading: Trading heaps of Pokémon without a plan for the lucky ones.
  • Hasty Level-Ups: The desperation to egg for level-ups with minimal friends.
  • Unnecessary Hoarding: Keeping community day shinies and multiples of event Pokémon “just in case.”
  • Always On The Hunt: Thinking that any Pokémon could spawn at any time, leading to a compulsive need to keep the game open.
  • Stardust Mismanagement: Wasting stardust on mediocre Pokémon – a mistake still made by veterans too.
  • Underestimating Appraisal: Dumping low CP Pokémon without using the appraisal feature. Some players even evolved the wrong Pokémon in haste!
  • Transferring Too Soon: Transferring Pokémon based on CP without knowing about IVs, and narrowly saving valuable ones through sheer luck.

Worst decisions you made as a new player
by u/prettyflyforafry in pokemongo

What’s the worst decision you’ve made as a new player in Pokémon GO? We’re all ears and would love to hear from you. Your insights could save others from making the same mistakes and contribute to a community that learns and grows together. Please leave a comment below and help us foster a supportive and insightful Pokémon GO community.

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