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Pokémon GO Players Unable To Claim Field Research Task Reward

A problem has arisen among the Pokémon GO community, and it is a problem that may potentially affect gameplay.

Several players have reported that recently, they have encountered a problem with claiming rewards from Field Research tasks. One particular Trainer has explained on Reddit that the Field Research task disappears as if they were claiming it, but the encounter that acts as a reward doesn’t actually spawn.

When exiting the encounter, the Field Research Task goes right back to the top as if it was never claimed. Restarting the app didn’t help, and as the Trainer claims, it is not a network issue because they can claim other Field Research task rewards.

Has this happened to you? Share your experience with the rest of the Pokémon GO community in the comments below.

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  1. This happened to me today. Task won’t let me claim it, even after restarting the app and even restarting my phone.

  2. Happened to me yesterday. After clearing my stack I was able to get the final encounter. My stack wasn’t maxed out but was in high 80s.

  3. This happened to me in with palosand from the beach week event. Fibished the timed research couldn’t get, kept complaining to Pokemon support, one day was finally able to get it.

    1. It has happened to me several times with different types of tasks. I was beginning to think my phone was glitching until I saw everyone else was having the same problem!

  4. It happened to me. I can’t claim my reward. I’ve been very disappointed in this event. I bought the ticket & have caught less shinys between the two days then I do on a community day! My son whom also bought a ticket has only seen 3 shinys between the two days. Ridiculous! I won’t be buying any more event tickets!

  5. This happened on several tasks. The main one was Battle in Mega Raid. Was in 2 mega raids and won, and didn’t get the field research credit. Super frustrating

  6. This happened to me also I couldn’t claim my field Research even after clearing everything and restarting the game. I’m still having trouble with routes I walk And it only follows Me for a couple feet and then stops.i tried doing it in reverse and nothing.

  7. Yes, im having this issue with claiming an encounter reward. Not sure which pokemon it is im claiming, the screen goes white.

  8. Also I spent several hours going all kids of places with insense and only 2 shinny at best. Highly disappointed. I used to get more now nothing on some events even if I walk for hours everywhere. Why keep doing these events if spawn rates keep decreasing.

  9. This happened to my account and its been there since the adventure event. Not even uninstalling the game has worked, and of course niantic gives their typical BS thay they call help…

  10. It’s Pokemongo, where you spend hours walking around trying to do raids to encounter errors to freeze your game and even lose that raid pass. Pokemon I where the pvp fighting is stacked against you and filled with bugs that will make your game crash, it’s a money waster and a Disappointment for all ages. It’s not about exploring like they claim, it’s about them collecting your data and doing free AR mapping for the company. It’s become a slap in the face to the players. But don’t take my word for it, I’ve just have had shitty experiences ever since the Kanto event.

    1. I lost 3 remote passes yesterday on raids and the one shiny I encountered ran as for final encounter with research I still can not get it to load this morning

  11. This happened to me also. The screen would go white when trying to claim and it took 7km of walking to get 1km

  12. Earlier today I had a field research task to scan a PokeStop. I completed the scan and chose to upload later. There were gyms and stops that I wanted to spin first. Around 10 minutes later I uploaded it. The upload finished, I watched the the progress line fill. It took my screen to the Pokestop I just up uploaded like it usually does. The screen showed the Pokestop for 2 or 3 seconds, the screen flashed white then showed me at my current location. The research did not complete, it was to catch a Pokémon in the grass. I did not get to try to catching the Pokémon and my research disappeared from the list. I restarted the game and my phone but the research was gone and I didn’t get credit for doing it.
    Sorry this is so long, I just took meds for my pancreatitus and I’m chatty, I guess.

  13. It’s so sad that this game has not got their shizz together . Every time something is going wrong it’s happening in my game . I’ve been playing since 2016. And you would think the game would be getting better and not falling apart.

  14. I also have this problem, I finished the fuel research task and it looks like I am claiming it but the Pokémon won’t spawn. I exit out of the tasks and it reappears. I thought it was my WiFi but I’ve tried day after day for a few days and still having the same problem. Other tasks spawn the Pokémon, just not the Pokémon Go Fest one.

  15. Happened to me on my 7th day, i never got the pokemon spawn from the field research but only the final 7day one. Never came back either. Oh well

  16. had a field research since go fest on the saturday. contacted support. i have reinstalled the game 3 times to no avail. also i have not received any notifications for a while now either when the game is shut, i always received them in the past

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