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Pokémon GO Routes Pause Bug, How to Resume and Continue Your Adventure?

We understand the thrill of exploration, the joy of discovering new paths, and the excitement of connecting with fellow Pokémon enthusiasts through the dynamic Routes feature. However, it has come to our attention that a perplexing issue has been causing a hiccup in the experience for some of our dedicated Trainers. Routes, the in-game mechanic designed to enrich your Pokémon GO adventures, have been hitting an unexpected pause, leaving Trainers puzzled.

Routes are your ticket to personalized trails that intertwine with your local surroundings. These trails, meticulously crafted by fellow Pokémon Trainers, offer an array of bonuses that elevate your gameplay to new heights. Expect XP boosts, a heightened rate of earning Buddy Candy, and an increased likelihood of attracting Pokémon with the enchanting scent of Incense. In essence, Routes provide a new dimension to your adventures, making each step you take even more rewarding.

One of our fellow Trainers recently embarked on their first journey with the Routes feature, brimming with anticipation. However, their excitement quickly met an unexpected roadblock, Routes repeatedly pausing. The in-game message conveyed that these pauses were triggered due to an inability to establish the Trainer’s location. Reassurance followed, promising a resumption of the trail once the Trainer retraced their steps to match the path indicated on the map.

A fellow Trainer, responding to the same tweet, shared their own encounter with this issue. Despite diligently following the prescribed solution of retracing their path, the pause persisted. The frustration echoed through their words as they expressed trying every avenue to rectify the matter, yet the pesky pause remained.

Trainers, we value your unwavering dedication to the world of Pokémon GO, and we share your enthusiasm for seamless experiences. While this peculiar pause has yet to cross our paths, rest assured that we’re looking into this matter to provide you with a swift resolution.

Has this happened to you? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Yes this was happening to me as well. I did learn the way to fix it as well. If you turn off your adventure sync, it seems to fix the problem. After you finish the route, just be sure to turn it back on!

    1. Hi and thanks for your comment. We are happy to hear you found a solutionnd fixed the problem. Thanks for letting us know, the community will most definately need this. Have a great day.

      1. Yes I have numerous problems with the routes feature! First off I don’t even have the slightest clue of how to create a route myself and the nearest one is literally 5 miles away, interwoven through an apartment complexes parking lot, whichbI find extremely dangerous because it seems like it was designed to be driven through like a maze so people drive their cars through this complex paying attention to their phones which is illegal in Arizona. Their are residents that are walking around to take home groceries or throw away trash, its definitely not a sidewalk design for anyone yet alone anyone outside that apt complex to he driving around to complete a route at the expense of others health. Nonetheless, since we had no other option, my sister and I came up with a semi-solution and I’d drive the route slowly and she’d complete 3 routes and collect the zygarde cube and then the next step of 5 routes in the zygarde quest. However we ran into worse issues…Each time we did the route which was 1152 meters through this maze of random dangerous turns in an apartment complex…Each time we thought we finished a route it ALWAYS would say route not complete and be about 200 meters shy, I would have to make a tight uturn or reverse course and come back and it would then finish. Before people say it freezes sometimes and give it time to update, WE TRIED THAT PATIENTLY, no dice. That happened several times as well with full 5g service where it would take minutes to log progress. The next issue is that it took 5 tries to get 1 cube which she didn’t even know what she clicked but it completed that.portion of the quest even though it said 0 Zygarde cubes collected in her game as well as mine. We progressed and did the next 5 which took over an hour and we never saw one zygarde cube again. We basically have given up on routes. I’ve looked through every facet of the app and it has 0 instructions on how to create a route or a button ro record in game or anything for us to submit one in our nice safe community which has a park and 2 gyms to perfectly connect on a walk next to bike path etc. Anyways this route thing has been a complete disaster for us and the only 2 within 15 mile radius that we notice are both intertwined in an apartment complex literally designed in a line for where the cars drive through the entire parking lot until you reach the other side. I find this extremely dangerous and only a matter of time before an accident occurs. Whether it be someone getting hit by a car or another person…I’ve already had a rude encounter as I slowly drove through the parking lot one time with a resident that came and knocked on my window and asked if I was lost and I tried explaining that we were just trying to figure something out for this map/game feature of an app and he told us to, “gtfo”. Sorry for the opposite of a synopsis but I needed to let out my frustration somehow and would have no problem submitting screenshots showing this bizarre route and it never completing correctly and the fact that I’ve moved to step 4of5 but have 0 cubes.

      1. Turn off Adventure Sync, for sure, especially on two generation old Androids. Also, disabling WiFi will help certain phones a little bit more, especially if a route passes by and open WiFi service.

  2. I live in a rural area so had to travel 200km to find a route. I have now done this three times over the last month to try and finish the very annoying task but failed due to this pause bug. I keep falling of the track and once I fall off it is impossible to restart no how many times I go back to where it was paused Cancelling the route and restarting doesn’t work either. This is the most annoying feature of pogo so far. I still haven’t finished the task.

  3. My husband and I did the routes and we had it paused on us. I complained where it says on the game and they did nothing not even gave us a credit for the route. We decided not to do the routes anymore. We restarted our phones, the game updated, still didn’t credit and redid the route in reverse.

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