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Pokémon GO Shiny Complaint: Middle and Most Final Evolutions Can’t be Shiny in the Wild, a Big Complaint from the Players

First off, let’s talk about what Shiny Pokémon are for those new to the game. Shiny Pokémon are rare versions of creatures with different color schemes from their regular forms. Finding one is quite a thrill, making them highly sought-after among players.

A fellow Pokémon GO player has posted on the official The Silph Road, revealing a surprising fact: all middle and most final evolutions don’t have their shiny form available in the wild. If we look more closely, this observation is true even for Gen 1 Pokémon, both middle and most final evolutions.

This has led to significant frustration among trainers, especially related to raids. Players are saying if they have to use more passes, all Pokémon in the raid should be shiny eligible once the family’s shiny form has been released.

Players are frustrated and full of suggestions. Shiny-locking Pokémon have been a sore spot, with Maractus and the two newer Reggies serving as key examples. These Pokémon appear frequently, but catching them can be tough, and the lack of shiny availability makes them less appealing.

The general feeling among players? If a Pokémon’s shiny form has been released, it should be shiny in the wild. Making this change would definitely make the game more interesting.

Here’s a situation to consider: you have a shiny Charmander and can evolve it into a shiny Charmeleon or Charizard. If you find a shiny Charizard in the wild, you’ll still be missing the first two forms since you can’t un-evolve that Charizard. While this system may make sense for some working on their shiny dex, it feels restrictive to others.

It has been 7 years and all middle evolutions and most final evolutions can’t be shiny in the wild is stupid.
by u/Shlinkx in TheSilphRoad

Have you ever caught a final Shiny evolution in the wild? We want to hear from you. Share your experiences and thoughts on this hot topic. The Pokémon GO community thrives on collaboration and shared fun, and your voice matters.

Together, we can continue to enjoy, challenge, and celebrate the world of Pokémon GO. Keep your Poké Balls ready, and happy hunting.

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  1. The first shiny I ever caught was a Venusaur in July 2023. But it’s the only final Evo I’ve ever seen.

  2. Christmas Eve 2020..I found a shiny Snover! I was elated! Sadly, I immediately evolved into Abomasnow. Then a few hours later, I encountered a shiny Abomasnow! Now, I wait to evolve everything..unless it’s Community Day.

  3. I’ve actually caught a shiny Banette in the wild just the other day. My buddy also caught a shiny dragonite and one other caught a shiny Charizard in the wild.

  4. Idk if they count because I don’t think the 1st form can evolve into the latter in pogo but I caught a shiny shedinja from the field research reward box and a shiny alolan marowak from a raid.

    1. I don’t think that’s what they ment .they mean last forms like how some pokenon final forms like manetric or amphros become shiny in mega raids then become available in wild outside or like gyrodos was realised in a Chinese
      New year event way before its mega release .

  5. I caught a shiny Blastoise in the wild, it’s the only one I’ve caught in a final evolution, and I believe it’s stats were complete trash but it was still mind blowing at the time that I found it.

  6. I found shiny manetric outside mega raids once which I was not expecting my dad had a similar experience but with venusaur but tat was way before we had other new megas

  7. I think it actually makes sense, with Chinese being rare therefore more coveted think of it this way the likelihood of a shiny starter evolution being released back into the wild or not being caught is very low so the likelihood of a shiny middle evolution is extremely rare because they are so coveted. They would only be successful by hiding all the time,

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