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Pokémon GO Sierra Guide, Shadow Pokemon and Best Counters

The world of Pokémon GO is constantly evolving, and the recent Noxious Swamp event has made things even more thrilling. Team GO Rocket Balloons are appearing more frequently, bringing with them intense battles and new challenges. Among these challenges, facing Team GO Rocket Leader Sierra and her Shadow Pokémon lineup stands out. So, how can you best prepare for these battles?

First, let’s get familiar with Team GO Rocket balloons. These sinister spheres float above your in-game map, housing members of Team GO Rocket eager for a duel. Keep your eyes peeled for a round shadow near your Trainer avatar, and you might just spot one of these balloons.

Be quick, though. These balloons don’t linger. During specified periods and events, such as the Noxious Swamp event, they may appear more frequently, so tap on them to challenge the Team GO Rocket member before they vanish.

Sierra, one of the prominent Team GO Rocket Leaders, alongside Arlo, Cliff, and Giovanni, is a force to be reckoned with. Whether she’s piloting a balloon or waiting at a PokéStop, defeating her and her Shadow Pokémon is a notable challenge.

So, what are the best Pokémon counters against Sierra’s Shadow Pokémon lineup?

Sierra Counters

Sierra #1 Shadow Pokemon line-up and best counters

Shadow Geodude

  • Kyogre with Waterfall, Origin Pulse, Surf
  • Torterra with Razor Leaf, Frenzy Plant, Stone Edge
  • Swampert with Mud Shot, Earthquake, Hydro Cannon
  • Empoleon with Waterfall, Flash Cannon, Hydro Cannon
  • Rhyperior Mud Slap, Rock Wrecker, Surf

Sierra #2 Shadow Pokemon line-up and best counters

Shadow Steelix

  • Rhyperior with Mud Slap, Superpower/Rock Wrecker, Surf
  • Kyogre with Waterfall, Origin Pulse, Surf
  • Charizard with Fire Spin, Dragon Claw, Blast Burn
  • Swampert with Waterfall, Hydro Cannon, Flash Cannon
  • Rhyperior with Mud Slap, Rock Wrecker, Surf

Shadow Gardevoir

  • Melmetal with Thunder Shock, Double Iron Bash, Superpower
  • Metagross with Bullet Punch, Meteor Mash, Earthquake
  • Nihilego with Poison Jab, Rock Slide, Sludge Bomb
  • Salazzle with Incinerate, Poison Fang, Fire Blast
  • Muk with Poison Jab, Thunder Punch, Dark Pulse

Shadow Sableye

  • Obstagoon with Counter, Night Slash, Obstruct
  • Sylveon with Charm, Moonblast, Psyshock
  • Togekiss with Charm, Ancient Power, Aura Sphere
  • Tyranitar with Smack Down, Brutal Swing, Stone Edge
  • Hydreigon with Dragon Breath, Brutal Swing, Flash Cannon

Sierra #3 Shadow Pokemon line-up and best counters

Shadow Houndoom

  • Tyranitar with Smack Down, Crunch, Stone Edge
  • Machamp with Counter, Close Combat, Stone Edge
  • Kyogre with Waterfall, Surf, Origin Pulse
  • Lucario with Counter, Aura Sphere, Shadow Ball
  • Rhyperior with Mud Slap, Rock Wrecker, Earthquake

Shadow Gyarados

  • Tyranitar with Smack Down, Brutal Swing, Stone Edge
  • Magnezone with Spark, Wild Charge, Mirror Shot
  • Golem (Alola) with Volt Switch, Wild Charge, Stone Edge
  • Raikou with Volt Switch, Wild Charge, Shadow Ball
  • Mamoswine with Powder Snow, Avalanche, High Horsepower

Shadow Victreebel

  • Reshiram with Dragon Breath, Fusion Flare, Draco Meteor
  • Volcarona with Fire Spin, Overheat, Bug Buzz
  • Heatran with Fire Spin, Flamethrower, Iron Head
  • Dragonite with Dragon Breath, Dragon Claw, Superpower
  • Moltres with Wing Attack, Sky Attack, Ancient Power

The Noxious Swamp event brings excitement and opportunity for Trainers in Pokémon GO. With Team GO Rocket balloons appearing more frequently, you’ll have ample chances to face Sierra and her challenging Shadow Pokémon lineup. But with the right strategies and Pokémon counters, victory is within your grasp.

Remember, Trainers, strategy, and preparation are key. Equip your Rocket Radars, stay vigilant for those elusive balloons, and take down Sierra with confidence. Happy battling, and may your adventures in the Noxious Swamp be victorious.

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