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Pokemon Go Spoofers Find New Ways to Exploit The Game, They Can Max Out A Legendary In A Day

Since the creation of Pokemon Go (or any game at this point), there have always been problems with a certain group (cough, spoofers, cough).

A little bit controversial, but spoofers have always been the sore spot in Pokemon Go, where Niantic has been doing everything in its power to put a stop to the “cheating” way of playing the game. However, that has proved not to be working so far, but we cannot fathom that the latest bug by Niantic has made a spoofer’s job easier

In his video, Poke AK, our favorite Pokemon Go content creator has dived in deeper into the recent happenings in Pokemon Go, and boy, do we not like the sudden arrival of a simple bug. Spoofers have found it way, way easier to obtain candy, to max out a Pokemon, and more things that if you play fair, you would need days, weeks, maybe months to even get close to the needed number.

What surprised us the most is the ability to maximize a Legendary or a Mythical Pokemon in a matter of hours. This new glitch (or bug) seems to be closely tied to the newest feature introduced in Pokemon Go, called Routes. The “key” is to go back and forth on your Route (if you have any available), and rack up as many as possible candies for your desired Pokemon. Then, after a few hours, spoofers are able to max out these poor creatures.

It is now safe to say that Pokemon Go is totally chaotic. Everybody taking advantage of others or seeking help with a spoofing application, just so they can max out Legendaries or Mythical Pokemon.

What is your view on this? Tell us in the comments below.

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  1. I think that it is lost on some people that easily getting stuff that is meant to be difficult has negative effects, even on themselves. There is no sense of pride or accomplishment using the item (Pokémon) because you didn’t do the work to get it.
    Other players get mad because you cheated to get something that they worked for or are working to get.
    You got a nice item that has stained your reputation, you don’t have pride in owning it, and could possibly get you banned.
    No thanks, I like gaming, not cheating.

    1. It’s a mobile pokemon game, it’s not that deep. People play the game the way they like it to maximise their enjoyment, especially in a game like this where the company (Niantic) does not listen to their player base and consistently make the game worse. If people get mad at others simply because they didn’t have to work as hard for something, then that’s their problem; focus on yourself. It’s a different issue if spoofers are aggressively impacting the experience of legitimate players (I.e. taking gyms, online battles, etc) but most spoofers are simply playing the game to collect things, and have 0 impact on other players.

  2. Exploits have always been in gaming, period! I understand both sides of this argument more so than others. Gaming weather be on console, PC, etc. Has had an influx of complications due to hackers. However some exploitations are pretty genius. Take for example a YouTuber by the name of willhelmscream, he’s a Destiny 2 content creator. Each reset he posts videos of quick cheeses in select raids on the rotation to pick up the secret chest loot and how to do it. Bungie has yet to do anything about this for years and actually smiles at it because, you can obtain these same items by either looking for a raid team, (which by the way LFG has declined substantially) or, you can do the cheese and avoid the wait time of finding a group. The point here is this, obtaining items in game is sometimes a huge grind. And certain Pokemon are only available in certain regions, and materials are also just as much of a grind. Listen judge me if you want, but if there was a way to find a quicker way to obtain materials and not have to spend money on gas or in game purchases to get said materials then I’m all for it. Personally, monetization of gaming now a days is just as out of control as hacking and in some cases it’s worse. So I mean, pic your poison I guess, there’s an argument to all of this but what everyone always forgets is, none of us are devs! And you never know if they may be allowing certain by passes to achieve certain things!

  3. I’m not sure I understood where the cheating portion of this is? So they continuously walk the same route, and collect candy? K.. how is that cheating?

    1. They can walk an entire route with a click in about 5 minutes. You then click start route in reverse and click to the start.

      As a spoofer I can say a lot of the fun comes from being able to play in areas I’d have 0 chance of playing probably in my life. I don’t know anywhere within 10 miles of me that will ever seem to have raid teams so I was limited to 1* raids. But that means I can’t any megas or legendary pokemon. Should I be disadvantaged compared to someone who lives in New York and can get those daily?

      Also I use my Pokemon go to funnel Pokemon to other games via Pokemon home. It’s fun using these Pokemon in playthroughs to see like if you have a level 5 tyranatar how it performs in like bd/sp

      1. This was why remote raiding was important, it allowed players such as yourself a chance to get assistance within the rules of the game, the nerfs to remote raiding really just gave spoofers a free pass to go back to cheating…

    2. They’re not walking it. They Install a fake GPS with a joystick overlay that allows them to play in a more traditional style and not leave the couch

  4. It’s hard to find roush. But thanks to your article I shall try this. I’ve been playing since pokemon go pretty much started and I haven’t cheated once. So you will always have cheaters. Good hunting everyone.

  5. Its not cheating, the game is pretty much all about pve.
    Its like blanming everyone for cheat codes in gta etc

  6. This isn’t taking advantage of others, what a joke. Nobody else is being affected at all. This has always been a bogus argument. Perhaps Niantic should make a better game with less bugs, but no.

  7. Meanwhile i live in a big city and somehow there aren’t any routes near me at all. I don’t get niantic at all but whatever they wanna do to shoot themselves in the foot this week. I’m f2p but i also I’m not a smart enough person to spoof nor do i have the time to. However with everything they have done lately to tick literally just about everyone playing off, even if i knew anyone who could spoof, no i don’t.

  8. Spoofing is closer to how the game is meant to be played than without any enhancements. No antics intent doesn’t matter

  9. Pokemon go has several issues. Number one if you are a rural player you will have an extremely limited experience of the game. Number two Niantic has sought to control the game completely, limiting functionality that players have repeatedly asked for in the name of profits. Number three spoofers play the game the way they want to, and the only hurt they cause is to niantic’s profits. People somehow consider that they want fairness from other players but what they should be expecting fairness from is the creators of these games.

  10. Haha! Thanks for the tip. Don’t be jelly. We actually aren’t sheep and have tried to play by their rules but decided a different path. Cheating or not, think for yourselves ppl. Besides it’s just a game. Either get in bored or quit whining cause we are not going anywhere.

  11. Here’s my honest opinion; first of all, I find both sides to have very intuitive thinking. There is no good reason why you shouldn’t cheat and why you should; if you feel like spoofing or finding ways to get around the system, great, you are both intelligent and dumb. If you hate it, well, unfortunately, it’s not just games that people have a nasty habit of getting around things to make it easier and less stressful. Secondly, why does it matter? Let’s be honest here; it has no effect on anybody but the players. Niantic shouldn’t care; it doesn’t affect them besides making them look bad. In the end, they still make lots of money. And last but not least, there is a big difference between cheating to obliterate another players gameplay and hurting the other player’s feelings just because someone cheats to make the game easier to play, which does not hurt anyone else. To conclude, games are designed for people to “escape” and have fun, away from threats of the real world. Everyone has their limits, so why should game companies put limitations on top of that. I don’t care if people cheat or don’t, it’s about having fun. Thank you.

  12. I have to walk or drive to catch shinies, raid for candy and XL candy, get Zygarde cells, take and defend gyms, and hatch eggs. Meanwhile a spoofer can do this from the comfort of their couch. It affects legit players when you take your spoofed 100% pokemon or rank #1 pokemon, which are way easier to obtain, and use them in PVP. And don’t lie and say that is not the case. While your in Japan or whatever country shiny hunting under 100 lured pokestops I’m driving around for hours at a time hoping to see a specific pokemon pop up and be shiny, but then you guys have the nerve to show off a complete shiny dex as if you actually did it legit. It’s pitiful, but you have to live with yourself. Some people do not give two craps if they cheat to get ahead. So while you guys are constantly getting banned, losing your so called hard-earned accounts, and starting over from level 1, us legit players will keep grinding and having much satisfaction in our accomplishments. The turtle wins the race, not the rabbit. I said what I said!

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