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Pokémon GO Super Sky High Special Research Tasks and Rewards

Pokémon GO’s annual global event, GO Fest 2023, is here, bringing a slew of Special Research Tasks for trainers worldwide. One of the exciting parts of this event is the ticketed-exclusive Super Sky High Special Research.

Before accessing the Super Sky High Research, players must complete the free GO Fest 2023: Sky High Special Research. Completing this prerequisite will unlock an extended research story featuring unique rewards, including an additional meteorite.

One of the most exciting parts of this research event is the meteorite rewards. These celestial elements make the Super Sky High Special Research one of the must-do events of GO Fest 2023.

GO Fest 2023: Super Sky High 1/5


  • Explore 1km – 3 Super Potion
  • Complete 2 Field Research Tasks – 23 Poke Ball
  • Visit 10 Poké Stops or Gyms – 2 Lucky Egg


  • x2 Fast TM – Upon Full Completion
  • x1 Meteorite
  • x2 Charged TM

GO Fest 2023: Super Sky High 2/5


  • Earn 3840 Stardust – 20 Rayquaza Candy
  • Power up 10 Dragon-type Pokémon – Goomy
  • Power up 10 Flying-type Pokémon – 384 Stardust


  • x3 Hyper Potion
  • x2 Premium Battle Pass
  • x3 Revive

GO Fest 2023: Super Sky High 3/5


  • Use 3 super-effective Charged Attacks – 3 Max Revive
  • Battle in 5 raids – 3 Max Potion
  • Win a Mega Raid – 100 Rayquaza Mega Energy


  • x1 Golden Razz Berry
  • x1 Silver Pinap Berry
  • x100 Rayquaza Mega Energy

GO Fest 2023: Super Sky High 4/5


  • Catch 10 Water, Electric or Bug-type Pokémon – 10 Kyogre Candy
  • Catch 10 Fire, Grass or Ground-type Pokémon – 10 Groudon Candy
  • Catch 10 Flying, Psychic or Dragon-type Pokémon – 10 Rayquaza Candy


  • x100 Kyogre Primal Energy
  • x100 Groudon Primal Energy
  • x200 Rayquaza Mega Energy

GO Fest 2023: Super Sky High 5/5


  • Power up Pokémon 20 times – 10 Rayquaza Candy
  • Use 10 Super Effective Charged Attack – 10 Rayquaza Candy XL
  • Win 5 Raids – 3 Rare Candy


  • x1 Elite Fast TM
  • x1 Rare Candy XL
  • x1 Elite Charged TM
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