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Pokémon GO White Screen Appearing After First Round In Raids, Trainers Losing Raid Passes

I have been mentioning it every hour, every day for almost six months. Nothing can go bug-less in Pokémon GO.

Getting a Raid Battle Pass is like getting gold (at least for me), so it is not a pretty emotion when you lose a Raid Battle Pass due to a bug in the game that was supposed to be fixed many years ago. It is seriously embarrassing to have a bug of this type, especially when the game is constantly growing and moving.

One Trainer reported that they and all of their friend group received a white screen at the same time during the whole Raid- Boss-taking-down. Whenever they tried to rejoin the battle, they couldn’t, as a “warning” was issued that they do not have enough Raid Battle passes. In fact, they all did have the Raid Battle pass, when in fact, they lost a Raid Battle pass due to a bug. Oh, and there are instances where you need to restart the game in order for the game to work properly.

Has this happened to anyone of you? Tell us in the comments below.

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  1. Happened to me and 4 other family members today during raids. We got back in after closing app and joining again.

  2. Had a raid last night for a Kyogre. White screened when all of my pokemon fainted. I had to restart, but fortunately I was able to get back in and get the completion.

  3. Yes just happened last night primal Kyogre took my raid pass remote one at that then white screen pass gone no way to reenter battle

  4. It happened to me twice once I was able to restart my phone and get back in luckily we still won second time I lost my raid pass couldn’t get back in

  5. We did raid hour and it happened to my son every single time. White screen, had to reset the game and rejoin. I don’t believe it took raid passes though. Now I’m going to have to check what he has left. We bought a lot for this week. He was at 38 passes.

  6. Happens every day often. I’ve reported it and their answer was. ” Oh well. Your allowed customer support bug refunds have been used. We can’t help you.” (This is how it came across). Its been over 6 months since it happened.

  7. Yup. This already happen to me a couple of times. And I already spent money on raids for it not to work. How unfortunate. It’s pretty ridiculous.

  8. Happened to one of my friends when we did and Xerneas raid. She lost all the rewards she got including 6 rare candies and her pass was gone too

  9. Yup, happen to me yesterday during Raid Hour. My girlfriend and I had to log off/on quickly and rejoin the raid to help the rest of the squad win.

  10. Yes! This happened to my son and I in the same raid this weekend. It made it much harder for the other 2 to complete the raid in time due to being down 50%. We had to wait until the end of the raid, restart our phones and were able to get into the gym and try to catch the Pokemon.

  11. Primals have been a absolute farce white screen .Pokémon running after consecutive excellent shots and golden raspberry’s so far 4 groundons have run after re starting the game when the Pokémon have fainted. Give up with support they are useless at best . What’s the point of buying raid passes for the raids to be buggy.then there is the mega rayquaza raids that had no mega candy lol what was the point of them being mega raids lol .just all round farce .the shiny jirachi that wasn’t added to the game that then ment we had to get ten best buddy Pokémon lol farce lol

  12. has happened previously but we could still win the raid by restarting the game. however today we lost the raid due to this bug because we started a raid just some minutes before it end and when the game was restarted, there was no raid to join again. :-/

  13. I’ve got this at least twice. On both occasions I got the rewards, though (had to close the game wait ages for it to restart, then open the gym and then got to the winning screen). A blah, but I lost nothing. They were local ones, I really hope that doesnt srrike on a remote, when it’s impossible to go back to the gym.

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