Rockstar Games Acquires, the Masterminds Behind FiveM and RedM

Rockstar Games, the gaming behemoth behind iconic titles like Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption 2, has officially acquired, the brilliant minds behind popular roleplay platforms, FiveM and RedM.

Rockstar Games has never been a stranger to creativity and innovation, but this acquisition marks a significant turning point in its relationship with its player community. Over the years, the Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption series have witnessed a remarkable transformation.

Beyond the stories scripted by Rockstar, players have crafted their tales, set in the vast worlds of Los Santos and the Wild West. Roleplay servers on platforms like FiveM have allowed players to live alternative lives as policemen, criminals, entrepreneurs, and more.

Recognizing the dedication and creative potential of the roleplay community, Rockstar has expanded its policy on mods, ensuring that roleplay mods are recognized and officially supported. This is a remarkable nod to a community that has long thrived in the grey area between official gameplay and modded experiences.

What Does This Mean for the Roleplay Community?

THE FUTURE SEEMS INCREDIBLY BRIGHT with GTA RP, now officially backed by Rockstar. This union promises:

  • Better Infrastructure: With the might of Rockstar behind them, we can expect FiveM and RedM to offer better server stability and perhaps more extensive modding tools.
  • Security & Trust: Roleplayers can now breathe easy knowing that their favorite servers won’t be taken down due to copyright concerns or other legal hitches.
  • A Bridge Between Official and Player-Created Content: With this new partnership, there’s the potential for collaborations where roleplay narratives might influence official DLCs or even in-game events.
  • Increased Exposure: As Rockstar throws its weight behind roleplay communities, we might see an influx of new players, resulting in more prosperous and varied roleplaying scenarios.

The acquisition of is not just a corporate move, it’s an acknowledgment. Rockstar is embracing the roleplay community, which has been the bedrock of their games’ prolonged success. By supporting and fostering the talent within this community, Rockstar ensures that their worlds remain alive, evolving, and relevant.

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