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SCUM Hotfix, Notes and more

Gamepires has released a new SCUM hotfix. This update addresses several pressing bugs and introduces quality-of-life enhancements. Below you can find its patch notes.

SCUM – Hotfix

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue where if the player was smoking with a military mask on, the head would get detached from the body.
  • Fixed the exploit regarding keypad minigame.
  • Fixed the issue where you could not interact with some spray cans.
  • Fixed the issue where you could build blueprints inside of abandoned bunkers.
  • Fixed the issue where motorbikes spawned by admins would show wrong battery status.
  • Fixed the bug where bunker ventilation shaft bursts would not work properly when razors would jump out of them.
  • Fixed the issue where frying sounds would keep lingering even though heat source was removed.
  • Fixed the issue where the city bike bell would not work.
  • Fixed the issue where razors spawning in ventilation shafts would sometimes get stuck.
  • Fixed the issue where server settings regarding vehicle multipliers would not work.
  • Fixed the issue where sometimes razor can stay fixed in place inside of bunkers.
  • Fixed the issue where Mr. Brenner would sometimes charge attack players outside of bunkers.

QoL additions

  • Manually opening blast doors now guarantees that some noise will be made.
  • Dragging chests around bunkers will now generate noise.
  • Improved the ability of Mr. Brenner opening doors.
  • Improved the reaction behavior of Mr. Brenner when the alarm is activated.
  • Removed fame gain from looting items. (Olives are no longer the meta)
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