Upcoming technical updates for Escape from Tarkov set to deliver crucial fixes

In a recent announcement, Battlestate Games has laid out an extensive plan for the next set of technical updates for Escape from Tarkov. The update aims to tackle an array of issues that have been affecting gameplay and user experience.

For both PMCs and Scavs, a fix is on the way to resolve loading issues into raids, particularly on the Streets of Tarkov map. Alongside this, the update promises to address the irritating stuttering animations affecting players and bots across multiple locations.

Network infrastructure issues had led to players missing out on unlocking Jaeger and certain quest items. The upcoming update is geared to rectify this problem, including reputation gain with in-game traders.

But overall, there are plenty more changes queued to it. So you can find them all below.

Changes coming to Tarkov

  • Fix for problems with loading into raids for PMCs and Scavs, which are especially noticeable on Streets of Tarkov
  • Fix for stuttering animations of players and bots on different locations
  • Unlock of Jaeger and quest items, as well as reputation gain with traders for players who were not rewarded as a result of network infrastructure issues
  • Refund of the Epsilon container not received as a reward for the quest “The Punisher – Part 6” from Prapor
  • Various fixes for sound and environment on Streets of Tarkov
  • Fix for a bug where the fog on Streets of Tarkov was not rendered in optics
  • Fix for the “299 – profile in match” error after a raid as a Scav for some players
  • Fix for error 228 when trying to re-mop the floor at the Defective Wall in the Hideout after a raid
  • Fixes for several causes of memory leaks
  • Fix for radio transmitter encoding craft that was showing as failed after a raid
  • Fixes for quests “Knock-Knock” and “Getting Acquainted”
  • Fix for a bug where the effect of medication ended before the timer did
  • Fix for a bug where energy was restored when canceling the use of a painkiller
  • Fix for a bug where players were getting less money than indicated in the pop-up message for selling items to Fence after a Scav raid
  • Fix for the sorting table getting frozen after a raid as a Scav
  • The warning message that a player has items left on Scav after a raid will be returned
  • Fix for the incorrect display of red “Out of Stock” offers that remained on the Flea Market even after they were purchased
  • Corrections to the calculation of hydration, energy and health values in the stash after building the Nutrition Unit level 3 zone
  • Fix for container search sound looping if a player or bot was killed during the search process
  • The option to hide the trader list screen will be added
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