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Valheim’s Latest Public Test Update Includes A Revamped Stacking Feature and More

Valheim, the beloved survival game with its Viking backdrop, has always managed to keep its fans on their toes, thanks to the continuous efforts of the Iron Gate Studio. As the community knows, Iron Gate never stops testing new features and improvements before fully launching them into the main game. The studio’s commitment to quality and player satisfaction is evident in its recent public test update, version 0.217.13.

The most exciting addition from the recent patch notes is re-introducing the “quick stack all” hotkey. If you’ve been yearning for an efficient way to organize your items in the chest, this feature is a game-changer. With a single prolonged key press, players can now effortlessly open their chests, stack their items, and seamlessly close them. It’s no wonder the lead designer is satisfied, praising how the enhanced hotkey promises a much smoother user experience.

Detailed Patch Notes

Fixes & Improvements

  • “Quick stack all” hotkey added again by holding the use key when opening chests (The chest will now open so you can see what is being moved, and then close if you keep holding the key)
  • Increased the chance of starred Fulings to spawn inside Sealed Tower
  • Fixed the R-stick shortcut for the Stack All button while you are browsing the player inventory
  • Fixed an issue where the error “can’t add component to Terrain” was filling the player.log
  • Precision placement of buildpieces changed to only show when holding ctrl
  • Fix exception thrown when compressing modifier data of world with unmodified preset set

After some expressed displeasure with alterations to the earlier version of the quick-stack function, the studio heeded those concerns, resulting in the revamped feature we see today. To access this public test version, Valheim players can adjust their settings in Steam or, for those using the Microsoft/PC Game Pass, via the Xbox Insider Hub app. Remember to backup your save files before venturing into the test version!

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