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Warhammer 40,000: Darktide Patch #12 Notes

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide Patch #12 is now available and it contains a pretty hefty list of changes. Without further ado, you can find the patch notes below.

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide Patch #12 Notes

Here are the Patch notes for Patch #12 – Into the Maelstrom. As part of this patch there will be a maintenance period in which you will be unable to log in into the game. We expect this to last around 3 hours, commencing from 07:00 UTC.

Updated Features

Mission Board

With this patch, the Mission Board will now primarily utilise its Dynamic System. This means that the conditions chosen to be available on the mission board will cycle much more frequently through all released conditions available.

We want new players to have a smoother experience in the early game, while still adding challenges for advanced players with harder conditions. As an example, you will see much less frequent occurrences of Low Intensity conditions on Damnation, while lower difficulties like Uprising will have less frequent occurrences of High Intensity conditions.

Maelstrom Missions

Maelstrom missions are now available on the mission board! These are missions with a set of new Conditions, which is a mixture of new modifiers and existing ones in different variations. They will be accessible through a unique slot on the mission board, which is available at all times so that they are easy to find and try out. We will be experimenting with different variations going forward.

These Maelstrom missions should be approached with caution as some of them can be quite challenging! As a reward for completing these challenges, both XP and Ordo Dockets will have a higher payout than usual.

Auric Operations

We are introducing an additional mission board for players that will consist of a set of high difficulty missions that will always have a condition applied to them. You must be level 30 to play these missions.

With the changes we made to the dynamic system, Auric-level operations will always have available conditions which include the high intensity modifiers (this means some of your favourite high intensity missions will appear more often!), except for the Maelstrom missions. Elite Resistance is also being re-worked based on prior feedback and will not yet be available.


The Experience Points requirements for levelling up characters have been adjusted. Overall, the XP needed to level up between levels 2 – 20 have been reduced by an average of 20%.

Due to this change, some of your characters may enter a higher level than before now that they meet the XP requirements. Please note that characters will not decrease in a level they have acquired.

Standard Operations

Total available missions on the standard operations board have increased! We have rebalanced the introduction of difficulties and spread of conditions over our mission difficulties as follows:
  • For both Sedition and Uprising difficulties, the amount of missions available with conditions has been decreased.
  • Sedition difficulty missions will no longer have conditions.
  • Uprising will now only have one available mission with a condition active.
  • In Heresy and Damnation the amount of missions available with conditions has been decreased.
  • Level requirement to access Heresy difficulty has been increased to 9 (from 6 previously).
  • Level requirement to access Damnation difficulty has been increased to 15 (from 12 previously).
Dev Note:
This is due to the introduction of the Auric-level operations available with these difficulties and conditions.
The duration timer for how long a mission is available for has been changed for Standard Operations to coincide with other changes made to the Mission Board. The intent is for you to see a faster rotation of conditions and maps available to select from.

For missions without conditions this has been adjusted to the following values:

  • Sedition: 10 minutes (from a value between 10 and 20 previously)
  • Uprising: 10 minutes (from a value between 10 and 20 previously)
  • Malice: 15 minutes (from a value between 10 and 20 previously)
  • Heresy: 15 minutes (from a value between 10 and 20 previously)
  • Damnation: 20 minutes (from a value between 10 and 20 previously)

And for missions with conditions, the following adjustments to the duration have been made:

  • Sedition: 10 minutes (from a value between 30 and 45 previously)
  • Uprising: 10 minutes (from a value between 30 and 45 previously)
  • Malice: 15-20 minutes (from a value between 30 and 50 previously)
  • Heresy: 15-20 minutes (from a value between 30 and 45 previously)
  • Damnation: 25-30 minutes (from a value between 30 and 50 previously)


Joining games through quickplay will now award you bonuses to the Experience, Ordo Dockets, Plasteel, and Diamantine that you acquire.

Quickplay will match you to games from the mission board you are currently viewing, whether it’s the standard operations or the auric-level operations.

New Conditions

New conditions are being introduced in this patch.

  • High and Low intensity variants of the Ventilation Purge special condition will enter rotation on both mission boards.
  • Power Supply Interruption with High Intensity will only appear on the Auric-Level operations.

Advanced Mission Board Options

The mission board now has an advanced options menu:

  • Private games have been relocated to this menu
  • You can select the server region used for matchmaking purposes in this menu.
Dev Note:
The latency from your location to the servers is also displayed giving you information when making a choice. By default, Darktide has always selected the server region that has the lowest latency.
Shrine of the Omnissiah


Refine Item

The Refine Item action has been updated. When choosing this action at the Shrine, you can now select from a list of all available perks for the weapon or curio you are refining.
There is a direct cost to pay once for each refine action.

As with the other actions at the Shrine, the amount of required resources will scale depending on the base item rating of the weapon, and will scale depending on the tier of perk being selected to refine into.

For Refining an Item, the following amounts are at full price (for at item base rating 380)

Tier 1
  • 50 Plasteel
  • 500 Ordo Dockets
Tier 2
  • 75 Plasteel
  • 1000 Ordo Dockets
Tier 3
  • 100 Plasteel
  • 40 diamantine
  • 2000 Ordo Dockets
Tier 4
  • 200 Plasteel
  • 100 Diamantine
  • 4000 Ordo Dockets
Weapon Modifications

You can now modify two different aspects of your weapon (be it perks and/or blessings) locking out the other options, that being said, you’ll be able to change the two aspects you have selected as many times as you want. This means that you can choose to modify a perk and a blessing, or two perks, or two blessings. This increases the potential permutations of the item that you want to modify. The perks or blessings that you chose to modify will be indicated now in the item card.

Modified slots are represented with an icon. After two slots are modified on an item, the remaining slots of Perks or Blessings are represented with a lock icon.

We have also extended modifying perks to the Curios (as you cannot change its Blessing). You now have the ability to modify two out of three of the perk slots on the curio for further customisation.

Cost Scaling

In addition to the above, we have made changes to the cost of actions at the Shrine of the Omnissiah for both Curios and Weapons.

The change modifies how the cost scaling is applied at the beginning of scale (the minimum cost, at lowest item rating).

This change is to reduce the minimum amount of scaling from

 35% to 20%.

This will mean it will be cheaper for newer characters who are levelling to use the Shrine.


All character bound currencies will now migrate into an account bound wallet where access is shared across all characters on that account.

Migration Information

Upon logging into Darktide after this update is live you will automatically go through a migration process where the character wallets of Ordo Dockets, Ordo Ingots, Plasteel, and Diamantine will merge into one unified account wallet. These currencies will no longer have any character based wallets.

An explanation of this process will be presented at the Main Menu / Character Selection screen, as well as a “Receipt” detailing the balance of the wallets for your characters and the total merged result for the account.

Additionally, the Account Wallet will be displayed on this menu, as all the currencies & resources are now shared between your characters.

Fixes and Tweaks

  • Adjusted calculations for continuous fire based blessings to be a bit more generous when rounding. More noticeable on Ripperguns, and weapons with smaller clip sizes.
  • Reduced black overlay when players start regen toughness after losing toughness, added 2 second cooldown
  • Fixed bug where Mutant decided to do squats instead of chasing its intended target.
  • Added animation speed scaling for Mutants so that the animations match the speed.
  • Fixed a bug where the Beast of Nurgle could get stuck in a vomit state.
  • Lowered Reapers push force when hitting players from 6 to 5 for humans, and from 6 to 2 for Ogryns.
  • Tweaked down Ragers normal attack duration to make them more responsive
  • Added small healing over time when Beast of Nurgle has consumed a player
  • Added the option to rebind “I” used to open the Operative menu in the Mourningstar.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur on Intel Arc GPUs.
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