Assassin’s Creed Mirage Leaked Trophy List

With just a week left until its launch, Assassin’s Creed Mirage is on everyone’s radar. Gamers everywhere are eager to dive into this action-adventure title, and now there’s more to look forward to. The complete list of Trophies and Achievements for the game has been leaked, giving us a glimpse into what challenges await players.

There are 51 trophies to collect, ranging from story-based awards to more skillful and tactical achievements. The leak comes from PowerPyx. Remember that the complete list contains spoilers for the main story, so proceed with caution if you want to keep the surprises intact.

  • Total Trophies: 51
  • Bronze Trophies: 34
  • Silver Trophies: 15
  • Gold Trophies: 1
  • Platinum Trophies: 1

Assassin’s Creed Mirage Trophies

The Master Thief of Anbar trophy
Complete the Prologue

La shay’a waqi’un mutlaq trophy
Become an Initiate of the Hidden Ones

The Blood of a Ghoul trophy
Eliminate Al-Ghul

The Blood of a Dragon trophy
Eliminate Al-Rabisu

The Blood of an Enchantress trophy
Eliminate Al-Pairika

The Blood of a Spymaster trophy
Eliminate Al-Mardikhwar

The Head of the Snake trophy
Eliminate the Head of the Order

Bal kullun mumkin trophy
Discover Basim’s past

Serving the Light trophy
Reach the maximum Hidden One Rank

Self-improvement trophy
Unlock all skills

Cutting Edge trophy
Fully upgrade a weapon

Thick Skin trophy
Fully upgrade an outfit

Fashion Statement trophy
Apply dye to an outfit

Masquerader trophy
Obtain both disguises

Treasure Seeker trophy
Open a token chest

Potion Collector trophy
Obtain a total of 10 elixirs

Fearless trophy
Synchronize all viewpoints

Bird of Prey trophy
Tag 100 guards using Enkidu

Explorer trophy
Fully explore all territories

Defender of the People trophy
Complete 10 faction contracts

Crossing Paths trophy
Complete a Tale from Baghdad

Scholar trophy
Bring all 7 lost books to Al-Jahiz

Riddle Me This trophy
Obtain a treasure by solving an enigma

Tools of the Trade trophy
Fully upgrade all tools

Eagle’s Eye trophy
Kill 75 guards with throwing knives

Headhunter trophy
Headshot 20 guards with throwing knives

Sleep Tight trophy
Put 10 guards to sleep with blowdarts

Ambush trophy
Have 10 guards trigger traps

Up in Smoke trophy
Affect 20 guards with smoke bombs

Attention Seeker trophy
Distract 10 guards with noisemakers

The Hands of a Thief trophy
Pickpocket 50 people

You Snooze, You Lose trophy
Pickpocket a guard affected by a blowdart

Curio Collector trophy
Pickpocket 18 artifacts and bring them to Dervis

Hoarder trophy
Save up 2007 dirhams

Dawn and Dusk trophy
Use benches to pass time 5 times

Patron of the Arts trophy
Pay musicians 5 times

Patron of Sell-Swords trophy
Pay mercenaries 5 times

Patron of Industry trophy
Pay merchant groups 5 times

Blade in the Crowd trophy
Assassinate 10 guards while blending with the crowd

Surprise! trophy
Assassinate 10 guards from hiding spots

The Shadow and the Flame trophy
Defeat a Shakiriyya in combat

Silencer trophy
Destroy a Horn Bearer’s horn with a throwing knife

Notorious trophy
Stay at maximum notoriety for 10 minutes

Poster Boy trophy
At maximum notoriety, become anonymous by tearing down wanted posters

Spread the News trophy
Use the services of a Munadi 3 times

Unstoppable trophy
Kill 5 guards with one use of Assassin’s Focus

Eagle’s Will trophy
Survive 10 minutes in open conflict

Gifted Escapist trophy
Collapse 20 scaffolding structures

A True Hidden One trophy
Assassinate 10 guards in a row without triggering open conflict

Street Cleaner trophy
Hide 5 bodies in bales of hay

Many of the trophies are tied to the game’s main story. For example, completing the prologue will earn you the ‘Master Thief of Anbar’ trophy, while becoming an Initiate of the Hidden Ones will get you the ‘La shay’a waqi’un mutlaq’ trophy. There are also trophies related to combat and stealth moves. For instance, ‘Eagle’s Eye’ requires you to kill 75 guards with throwing knives, while ‘A True Hidden One’ challenges you to assassinate 10 guards in a row without triggering open conflict.

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