Baldur’s Gate 3 Introduces Magic Mirror with Patch 3

Today marks an exciting development for fans of Baldur’s Gate 3, as developer Larian Studios rolls out Patch 3. Beyond promising significant performance improvements, especially for Act 3, the update brings with it the much-anticipated Magic Mirror, allowing players a fresh take on their in-game avatar’s aesthetics.

Larian Studios took to Twitter to share the news, saying: “With Patch 3 comes the Magic Mirror, which lives in your camp and allows you to change your Tav’s appearance whenever you’d like! Change appearance, voice, pronouns. Race & body type can’t be changed. Can’t alter Origins – they’re all very particular about their hair.”

Positioned conveniently in the player’s Camp, the Magic Mirror offers an anytime-access for players wishing to change their character’s appearance. This doesn’t extend to every aspect of the character, however. While gamers can switch up their character

This addition is a nod to the evolving nature of role-playing games and the desire for personal expression within these expansive worlds. With such in-depth customization now at their fingertips, players can further immerse themselves in the Baldur’s Gate universe, tweaking their avatar’s look to fit changing moods or playstyles.

As we await more detailed insights once Patch 3 is fully live, players already have a reason to rejoice. Beyond the PC platform, Baldur’s Gate 3 is also available on PS5, and its Xbox Series X/S debut is on the horizon, expected between September and November this year.

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