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Counter-Strike 2 September 28 Patch Notes, Details and more

If you’re a fan of CS2, you’ll be pleased to know that the game’s developers have rolled out a new update on September 28, 2023. This update brings a host of changes aimed at improving the player experience. The update covers a wide range of issues, from bug fixes to graphics improvements and gameplay tweaks. Here’s a breakdown of what’s new and what it means for players.

Players will notice one of the more immediate changes in the sound department. The developers have fixed the issue where win, loss, and MVP music was missing in Casual mode. Now, you can enjoy the auditory experience as you play, making each win or loss more impactful.

Animations, particularly those related to grenades, have been adjusted. The new changes aim to reduce view obstruction when throwing a grenade, making gameplay smoother and more enjoyable. A quirky bug where players float slightly above the ground after spawning has also been corrected.

You can find the patch notes below:

CS2 Release Notes for 9/28/2023

  • Fixed missing win/loss/MVP music in Casual
  • Put range clamps on r_fullscreen_gamma, r_texture_stream_max_resolution, and r_character_decal_resolution
  • Fixed smokes not rendering correctly on AMD GPUs on Linux
  • Adjusted grenade throw animations to reduce view obstruction
  • Fixed a case where players would float a few inches off the ground after spawning
[ MAPS ]
  • Various bug fixes and tweaks to Mirage and Overpass
  • Various bug fixes and tweaks to weapon finishes and stickers
  • Updated Phoenix Soldier balaclava from green to original red color
  • Fixed missing pouches on certain SWAT agents
[ MISC ]
  • Fixed a bug where loadout shuffle would never happen
  • Increased clickable area of sellback buttons in buy menu
  • Fixed a case where the death panel would stay on-screen after respawning quickly
  • Disabled CSTV and demo recording temporarily to increase server availability so more people can play
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