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Counter-Strike 2 September 6 Patch Notes

Counter-Strike 2 received a new update, adding more bug fixes and implementing adjustments to the Overpass map. For the complete patch notes, check below.

Counter-Strike 2 Release Notes for 9/6/2023

[ MAPS ]
  • Overpass
    • Various bug fixes and tweaks
  • Added current armor value to the buy menu
  • Fixed issues with ducking across round transitions
  • Fixed a case where smoke grenades wouldn’t pop
  • Fixed a case where molotov/incendiary fire area was small in corners
  • Fixed a case where molotov/incendiary grenades would explode at the throwers feet
  • Fixed a case where the dropped bomb icon would appear on the radar incorrectly
  • Continued iterating on dropped weapon pickup
  • Shortened “Waiting For Players” from 5 minutes to 2 minutes
  • Fixed voting to surrender and voting for tactical timeouts
  • Teams can use 3 tactical timeouts during regulation time and 1 during overtime
  • Various bug fixes and tweaks to UI elements
  • Fixed a case where hit feedback sounds wouldn’t play for spectators
[ MISC ]
  • Allow changing equipped graffiti mid-match
  • Improved free roaming and chase camera behavior in CSTV
  • Fixed a case where the money display was cropped in certain languages
  • Fixed a case where “Block names and avatars of strangers” would replace names with the wrong color words
  • Fixed a case where the award message for planting the bomb wouldn’t show
  • Fixed issues with alt-tab window switching in fullscreen mode
  • Added cvars mp_team_timeout_ot_add_once, mp_team_timeout_ot_add_each, mp_team_timeout_ot_max to control timeouts in overtime
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