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Dark and Darker Early Access Hotfix #11 Notes and More

The developers behind “Dark and Darker” have shown their commitment to enhancing their game’s quality and gameplay with the Early Access Hotfix #11 announcement. Below, you can find the full list of changes.

Before delving into the specifics of the update, players should note the maintenance schedule. Starting in a mere 10 minutes from the announcement, you won’t be able to log into the game, and the matchmaking pool will be inaccessible. However, if you’re in the middle of a match, you have a 30-minute grace period to wrap things up and log off safely. The game will be fully operational after three and a half hours, but expect some intermittent disruptions as the servers update.

Dark and Darker September 12 Patch Notes

  • Fixed an issue where the trade pop-up may not properly close.
  • Movement speed now has a hard cap of 350.
  • The Quarterstaff now deals 100% damage no matter which part of the Quarterstaff hits the opponent.
  • Axe Specialization changed from +5 Additional Physical Damage -> +10% Physical Damage Bonus
  • Rogue’s Double Jump slow on landing duration reduced from 3s -> 2s
  • Wizard’s Haste duration decreased from 12 -> 6s.
  • Wizard’s Invisibility duration decreased from 5 -> 3s.
  • Movement speed reduced from 70% -> 65% of base movespeed when casting with a Spellbook.
  • Movement speed reduced from 70% -> 65% of base movespeed when casting with a Crystal Ball.
  • Achilles Strike’s Physical Damage on hit reduced from 10 -> 0 dmg, Damage taken per step decreased from 5 -> 1 dmg
  • Achilles Strike’s Slow debuff increased from -10% -> -30% movespeed
  • Accelerando’s duration decreased from 12s -> 8s, and movement speed boost decreased from 5/7/9 -> 3/5/7 movespeed
  • Drum’s movespeed penalty increased from -20 -> -30 movespeed
  • Francisca Axe’s damage has been slightly reduced.
  • Bard’s Song of Silence now targets ALL nearby targets including oneself.
  • The effect radius of Bard’s Unchained Harmony has been changed from 600 -> 300.
  • Bard’s Tranquility now heals 1 recoverable hp/s over 10/20/30 seconds.
  • Bard’s Tranquility effect now only applies while resting.
  • Bard’s Chorale of Clarity effect now only applies while resting.
  • The animations of Horseman’s Axe, Hatchet, and Viking Sword have been slightly modified.

Developer Insight:
A section of the patch notes gives us a glimpse into the future of “Dark and Darker.” The developers acknowledged the game’s high tempo, especially in the endgame. They feel it exceeds their initial vision. As a response, this hotfix aims to curb the prevailing “speed death ball meta.” However, it’s just a precursor to larger changes targeting the game’s tempo slated for next week. There’s also talk of an extensive rework of the Bard class and the introduction of the Warlock in a future update. Balancing skill versus gear remains a priority, and the developers seem set on hitting that sweet spot.

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