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Dark and Darker Hotfix #13 Patch Notes

Ironmace has released a new update for Dark and Darker. Titled Hotfix #13, it contains plenty of changes, class tweaks and bug fixes. Without further ado, you can find the patch notes below:

Dark and Darker Hotfix #13 Changelog

Patch Notes:

  • Fixed a bug where gold coins could be duplicated.
  • Cleric’s base Strength increased from 11 → 13.
  • Cleric’s base Agility increased from 11 → 12.
  • Cleric’s base Will decreased from 30 → 25.
  • Cleric’s base Resourcefullness increased from 5 → 7.
  • Rogue’s base Agility decreased from 35 → 30.
  • Rogue’s base Resourcefullness increased from 15 → 20.
  • Rogue’s Ambush perk damage bonus decreased from 50% → 30%.
  • Rogue’s Hide base duration decreased from 60s → 20s.
  • Rogue now has Hide Mastery Perk that increases their hide duration.
  • Rogue’s Weakpoint Attack’s 50% Weapon Damage Bonus on the initial attack has been removed.
  • Rogue’s Weakpoint Attack’s Armor rating debuff has been reduced from -40% → -25%.
  • Rogue’s Weakpoint Attack’s Duration 5s → 3s.
  • Reduced the damage of all daggers.

Just now, the developer announced that the update is complete and the game is available. Also, there will be Wipe #2 very soon, so prepare!

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