Destiny 2 suffers from ongoing connectivity issues, Bungie acknowledges

Destiny 2 players have faced a tumultuous day as error codes “Weasel” and “Bee” persistently hamper their gaming experience. Bungie Help, the game’s official support, had previously announced solutions and fixes to these errors, but the pesky issues have resented today.

The day started with Bungie Help tweeting out an update addressing the introduction of a fix that would disable a selection of Exotic and Legendary frames and perks on crafted weapons. This affected a series of weapons, including Osteo Striga, Revision Zero, Dead Man’s Tale, Dead Messenger, Vexcalibur, and all three Exotic class glaives. Fortunately for some, it was clarified that this would not impact versions of these weapons that weren’t crafted.

While players tried to navigate these updates and fixes, a new wrench was thrown into the gears. Some players returned to the login screen due to a previously unknown error coded “LOGANBERRY.” Bungie Help amusingly commented on this, asking players to “please pardon our dust.”

Despite Bungie’s earlier claims of subduing these issues, reports of the “Weasel” and “Bee” errors resurfaced as the day progressed.

It’s worth noting that this outage has been timed rather, unfortunately, following closely behind a hotfix that aimed at removing overpowered guns from the game. Players were already reeling from changes to their arsenal, and these connectivity issues only added to their frustrations.

As Destiny 2 servers remain shaky, the gaming community eagerly awaits an official update from Bungie. Players have been voicing their experiences on various platforms, which can help identify the affected regions.

For now, Guardians, hold tight. As soon as Bungie makes more updates available, we will bring them to you. Until then, keep those spirits up and your fingers crossed!

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