Epic Games Reveals the Next Free-to-Claim Titles on the Epic Games Store

Epic Games Store has announced its next wave of complimentary titles. From September 21 to 28, gamers can indulge in the intricate puzzles of Out of Line and unravel the narrative mystery of The Forest Quartet. Both games represent a unique blend of creativity and gameplay that continues to highlight the diversity of the Epic Games Store’s offerings.

Out of Line

Out of Line is a visually stunning 2D puzzle-adventure game, hand-drawn in an enchanting style. The game follows the journey of San, a young boy striving to escape the confines of the Factory he once called home. Players can expect a blend of intricate puzzles, fascinating environments, and an underlying narrative that resonates deeply with its audience.

Key features include:

  • Visually impressive puzzles set in hand-drawn environments.
  • Engaging mechanics centered around the use of a spear.
  • An evocative storyline, which unfolds across multiple chapters.

The Forest Quartet

On the other hand, The Forest Quartet offers a 3D narrative experience, centered around a once-prominent lead singer whose absence is deeply felt. Gamers step into the ethereal shoes of her spirit, navigating through the unique worlds of her former band members. This journey culminates in a touching farewell concert, but before that, players must confront emotions, tackle puzzles, and cleanse the souls tainted by corruption.

It’s important to note that these two titles will be replacing “911 Operator”, a game that provides an immersive experience into the high-pressure role of an emergency services manager. Until September 21, it remains free to claim.

“911 Operator” challenges players to swiftly and appropriately respond to a wide array of emergencies. From administering first aid over the phone to dispatching emergency services, the game delivers a blend of intensity and realism. With a Free Play mode that allows for gameplay in virtually any city globally, players can immerse themselves in real streets, actual addresses, and a realistic emergency infrastructure.

For those eager to expand their gaming library with these exciting titles, head over to the official free-to-claim games link on the Epic Games Store.

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