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Escape From Tarkov patch notes, new quests, fixes and more

Escape From Tarkov, the highly-touted hardcore and realistic online first-person action RPG/simulator, released its much-anticipated update. This patch not only brings improvements and fixes but also addresses various visual, sound, and gameplay issues. Below, you can find the complete patch notes.

Escape From Tarkov Patch Notes

List of improvements:

  • Added new quests and expanded existing quest lines;
  • Weapon preset list tab will now display presets available for the selected weapon;
  • Added the option to hide the intermediate trader list screen;
  • Added the option to configure the use of consumable items on double-click.

List of fixes:

  • Fixed the known issues with loading into raids as PMCs and Scavs which were especially noticeable on Streets of Tarkov;
  • Various visual fixes on Streets of Tarkov;
  • Various fixes for sound and environment on Streets of Tarkov;
  • Fixed the bug where the fog on Streets of Tarkov was not rendered in optics;
  • Fixed the incorrect number of landmine explosions on Lighthouse;
  • Fixed the scrollbar display in the list of items for barter when switching to another item;
  • Fixed PMC and Scav hands freezing in lowered position after using consumable items;
  • Fixed Error 228 when trying to re-mop the floor at the Defective Wall in the Hideout after a raid;
  • Fixed the known causes of memory leaks;
  • Fixed the radio transmitter reflashing craft that was showing as failed after a raid;
  • Fixed quests “Knock-Knock” and “Getting Acquainted”;
  • Fixed the bug where the effect of medication ended before the timer did;
  • Fixed the bug where energy was restored when canceling the use of a painkiller;
  • Fixed the bug where players were getting less money than indicated in the pop-up message for selling items to Fence after a Scav raid;
  • Fixed the sorting table getting frozen after a raid as a Scav;
  • Fixed the missing warning message that a player has items left on Scav after a raid;
  • Fixed the incorrect display of red “Out of Stock” offers that remained on the Flea Market even after they were purchased;
  • Fixed the container search sound looping if a player or bot was killed during the search process;
  • Fixed the display of flashlight light in third person if you move the working flashlight from the helmet to the weapon in hands;
  • Laser beam no longer changes its direction depending on the observer’s angle when the FOV is over 50;
  • Kiba Arms 25mm mount installed on the helmet no longer obstructs vision in first person;
  • Fixed Error 500 when the player is trying to repeatedly sell Scav equipment to Fence with the “Sell all” option;
  • Adjusted the recoil behavior for SVT-40/AVT-40;
  • Fixed the “Equipment” and “Pouches” tab icons in equipment kits;
  • Fixed the overlapping images while loading into raid;
  • Fixed the ability to check stash while in raid;
  • Fixed the Lavatory level 2 zone visuals that obstructed the screen when switching to Weapon Stand;
  • Fixed an issue with part of the inventory panels missing if a container search was previously interrupted by another player;
  • Fixed the deletion of a preset if in the preset overwrite window you first refuse to overwrite the preset and then enter a new name;
  • Fixed the first-person stock folding animation;
  • Fixed the DSP radio transmitter reflashing for the Getting Acquainted task;
  • Fixed the player death at the end of the 10 minute timer after visiting Lightkeeper;
  • Fixed the clipping of ECHO1 thermal sight with specific weapon attachments;
  • Fixed the magnification of ECHO1 and Zeus-Pro 640 thermal sights;
  • Added the compatibility of specific scopes with CSS Rail Mount for Saiga-12K;
  • Fixed the possibility of earning Flea Market rating for repeatedly selling an item to the same player;
  • Fixed the issues with adding notes to maps;
  • Scav Groups can no longer move one at a time during patrol;
  • Fixed the accrual of hydration, energy and health values in stash after building Nutrition Unit level 3;
  • SP-81 signal pistol animations and reload sounds no longer disappear in third person after the first shot;
  • Improved Scavs’ reaction to grenades;
  • Factory banner is no longer displayed while loading to Streets of Tarkov.
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