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Escape From Tarkov Gets New Technical Update on September 18, Patch Notes and more

In their commitment to improving player experience and tackling in-game issues, Battlestate Games has rolled out a new technical update for their popular hardcore and realistic online first-person action RPG/Simulator, Escape From Tarkov. This update brings a series of bug fixes to enhance gameplay, stability, and player immersion.

Escape From Tarkov September 18 Patch Notes

List of fixes:
● Fixed a bug that prevented reconnection after a disconnect in some cases;
● Fixed the incorrect work of extractions on Streets of Tarkov;
● Fixed the incorrect landmine behavior on Streets of Tarkov;
● Fixed the incorrect timer display for V-Ex exits for players in a group;
● Fixed the incorrect stash display in the Hideout;
● Fixed an issue that caused a delay in switching the footstep sound depending on the surface when observed by another player;
● Fixed the loudness of looting and equipment sounds for other players;
● Fixed the missing sounds of taking damage from barbed wire;
● Fixed the missing sounds of aiming for other players;
● Fixed the static noises in active headsets during certain actions (using consumable items, opening doors);
● Fixed the missing sounds of broken limb pain for other players;
● Fixed the ability to sort quests by location;
● Fixed the display of container borders in the stash;
● Fixed the incorrect display of customization unlock conditions;
● Fixed an error causing the “object reference not set to an instance of an object” message;
● Fixed the clipping of the USEC Predator shirt;
● Fixed the cause of some bots not reacting to gunshots and other player actions;
● Fixed the cause of FPS drops when loading to the same location with NVidia Reflex enabled;
● Fixed the display of post-match kills for Co-Op raids.

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