Leaked Details of Xbox Series X Mid-Gen Upgrade, Boasting 2 TB Storage and Revamped Design

If the rumors hold water, the next iteration of the Xbox Series X, endearingly codenamed “Brooklin,” promises to be a substantial leap from its predecessor.

Brooklin is expected to make waves, primarily with its GPU’s mammoth capability of delivering 12 TFLOPS, zeroing in on a crisp 4K resolution. This enhancement promises gamers not just enhanced graphics, but a smoother, more immersive gameplay experience that the Xbox Series X has become synonymous with.

Accompanying this power boost, Microsoft seems to recognize the gaming community’s shift towards digital libraries. The inclusion of a whopping 2 TB of internal storage in the Brooklin stands as a testament. With games today demanding significant storage space, this move suggests that Microsoft is keen on ensuring its user base remains unfettered by storage woes.

Under the hood, there’s more magic brewing. The integration of Wi-Fi 6E promises faster downloads and a more seamless online gaming experience. Couple this with the 6 nm die shrink, and the Brooklin not only promises to be a performance beast but also an energy-efficient one. This die shrink suggests that gamers can expect a machine that delivers more while consuming less.

The aesthetics of the Brooklin are set to deviate from the familiar. Leaks hint at a cylindrical design, which could be both an aesthetic choice and a functional one, potentially optimizing cooling. The reduction of the PSU power by 15% and the introduction of a new low-power standby mode is a clear indication of Microsoft’s commitment to creating a greener, more eco-friendly gaming experience.

To tie this all together, whispers also suggest the introduction of the Xbox Wireless 2 controller. Though details remain scant, it’s intriguing to speculate on the improvements and new features this controller might bring to the table.

With the Brooklin’s expected announcement looming around July in the fiscal year 24/25 and its subsequent launch in November, priced at a competitive $499, the anticipation is palpable. Meanwhile, its counterpart, the Xbox Series S, codenamed “Ellewood,” is rumored to grace the gaming world in September of the same year.

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