New World Will Introduce Customizable Mounts in “Rise of the Angry Earth” Expansion

The expansive world of Aeternum is set to become even more vibrant with the inclusion of the much-awaited feature: customizable mounts. Releasing in the “Rise of the Angry Earth” expansion this October 3, these mounts will enhance travel and provide excellent opportunities for personalization and growth. At this point, I am really thinking about coming back to New World.

The choice between riding a Horse, Dire Wolf, or a majestic Lion is yours. These mounts promise to double the standard sprinting speed, making traversing Aeternum quicker and more exhilarating. Furthermore, as players progress, they can earn various buffs and attachments to add a personal touch to their chosen mounts.

A new Riding Trade Skill has been introduced. Through completing mount quests or feeding their mounts, players can gain Riding XP. As their skill progresses, rewards such as increased mount speed, trinket-like buffs, visual attachments, and special mounts await.

Aeternum offers mount-specific challenges that players can conquer for additional rewards. From quests that unlock new animals to competitive time trials that test one’s speed and agility, there’s always something new to explore.

Make your mount truly yours. With the option to give nicknames, equip various attachments, buffs, and dyes, the possibilities are endless. All items, regardless of the type of mount, can be equipped, allowing for a wide array of customization.

Enhance your ride with unique mount buffs. These items, which range from talismans that provide buffs on forced dismount to others that increase Dash Capacity or Recharge speed, can be earned through quests, Riding Trade Skill rewards, or discovered in the open world.

New World aims to maintain the integrity of PvP by minimizing the impact of mounts during combat. From summoning delays to specific damage rules, the game ensures that mounts do not overshadow the thrill of player vs. player encounters.

Curious about the design journey of these mounts? See how the Design Team brought mounts like the Dire Wolf, Lion, Horse, and various mount equipment to life from early concept art. For an in-depth visual showcase, explore here.

Mount Showcase: Lions, Horses, and Dire Wolves


Whether you prefer to ride a Horse, Dire Wolf or Lion all three types of mounts will double your standard sprinting speed. Summon your favorite from almost any location outside of combat. As you progress, you’ll earn mount buffs and attachments to further personalize your new best friend.



Complete mount quests or feed your mount to gain Riding XP and level up your Riding Trade Skill. You’ll receive the following rewards as you become a better rider.



  • Increased mount speed for all mount types.

  • Trinket-like items called mount buffs which can enhance aspects of your mount’s locomotion.

  • Mount attachments to visually customize your mount.

  • Higher tier consumable mount food.

  • A chance to receive special mounts at set levels.


Conquer mount-specific challenges across Aeternum for additional rewards.

  • Complete mount quests to befriend and unlock new animals.

  • Compete in two types of mount time trials for Riding XP, mount buff items, mount vitamins to make consumable mount food, and more:

    • Tours – Find the quickest route to the finish line.

    • Rallies – Reach each sequential checkpoint before the timer runs out.



Make each mount your own with nicknames, attachments, buffs and dyes. All items can be equipped to any type of mount. Explore the Mount Collection Menu to personalize your new ride through the following options.


Mounts have two attachment slots for visual equipment. These items are solely aesthetic meaning they will not impact gameplay.


Feed your partner for additional Riding XP.


Bolster your riding style with mount buffs. Each item is bind-on-pickup, has a Riding level requirement, and can be paired with one other mount buff. Earn this rare loot through quests, Riding Trade Skill rewards, and open world drops.

  • Cleansing Talisman: Applies Cleanse on forced dismount

  • Empowered Talisman: Applies Empower on forced dismount

  • Fortified Talisman: Applies Fortify on forced dismount

  • Hastey Talisman: Applies Haste on forced dismount

  • Healing Talisman: Applies Heal on forced dismount

  • Mountaineer’s Pendant: Reduced Damage on Landing

  • Cavalier Crest: Reduce Summoning Time

  • Beast of Burden Bangle: Increase Encumbered tolerance

  • Other mount buffs will increase Dash Capacity, Power, or Recharge speed


Pick up new mounts, mount attachments and mount dyes from the in-game Store. These items can be obtained in exchange for Marks of Fortune. Look forward to new mount content in future store showcases.



Our goal for mounts in PvP is to minimize their impact on combat as much as possible. For example, you can’t summon your mount while in a combat state, summoning has a 2 second delay, and any PvP damage will cancel the summon. When riding, any damage from another player will dismount you and dismiss the mount. Damage from enemies can also force dismounts. However, there will be a degree of tolerance for lower level enemies who pose no significant threat.

To further reduce mount interference in open world PvP, the PvP timer that governs a player’s worth if killed will be paused when mounted, similar to a safe zone. Additionally, XP acquired when mounted will not count toward any bonus thresholds. We made a few adjustments after our own playtesting, so if we still feel like it’s too easy to ride away from fights, we will retune.


See how the Design Team brought mounts to life from early concept art:








Thanks for your support! We’ll see you in Aeternum.

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