Payday 3 Guide: Farming Cash and Earning C-Stacks

Payday 3 has taken the thrilling heist action to the next level with multiple progression systems and two primary currencies, Cash and C-Stacks. While Cash lets you purchase various weapons and cosmetics, C-Stacks unlock the game’s top-tier weapons, cosmetics, and even weapon slots. Here’s how you can effectively farm both.

Farming Cash

1. Complete Tougher Heists at Higher Difficulties

  • For better payouts, go for heists at higher difficulty levels. Heists appearing later in the story typically have higher payouts.
  • Try out heists like “Gold and Sharke” and “Under the Surphaze” on the Overkill difficulty to earn upwards of $1.3 million.
  • Assemble a competent crew for higher chances of success.

2. Speedrun Shorter Heists for Quick Cash

  • Dirty Ice: Optimal for players who prefer stealth. Even when soloing on Normal difficulty, you can finish this in under three minutes and earn a good amount just by grabbing the required bags.
  • Road Rage: Suited for players who prefer confrontations. You can get $200,000 to $500,000 on Normal in about ten minutes, with further optimizations possible.

Earning C-Stacks

1. Exchange Cash for C-Stacks

  • Visit Setaggi from the main menu to trade Cash for C-Stacks.
  • Choose between single, five-pack, or ten-pack options, but be wary that prices rise as you opt for larger packs.
  • Note: These exchanges have a weekly limit, and their costs reset post the timer.

2. Complete Career Challenges

  • C-Stacks can also be earned by finishing Career Challenges. However, these are tied to your Infamy Level.
  • To up your Infamy Level and gain C-Stacks, complete Challenges that bestow Infamy Points.
  • Think of this method as a supplementary way to earn C-Stacks while progressing in the game.
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