Payday 3 will not change its Progression System despite fan outrage

Recent updates from Starbreeze have revealed that the much-debated progression system of Payday 3 is here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future. The studio shed light on this and more in their recent dev Twitch stream dedicated to Payday 3.

One of the main points of contention for players has been the progression system, where challenges are the sole method to earn XP. Despite numerous concerns raised by the community, Starbreeze remains firm in its decision to keep this system intact.

That said, the developers are not entirely dismissing the concerns of their player base. They acknowledged the feedback on how challenges are presented to players and are exploring ways to improve communication and intuitiveness. Potential solutions include better categorizing challenges and offering difficulties recommended based on individual player progress and selected heists.

Devs just said the are NOT going to change the progression system 👊😎🤣
byu/Gold_Wrongdoer_8562 inpaydaytheheist

While the progression system remains unchanged for now, the studio is considering several UI/UX enhancements such as:

  • An In-Chat Lobby feature
  • An ‘Unready’ Button
  • Options to mute Heist Briefings
  • Renaming Loadout capabilities
  • Improvements to challenge visibility and tracking
  • Keyboard and Mouse support for console players
  • A Quick Play option

Info on update that comes out late october, from the developer Q&A stream
byu/Ju5raj inpaydaytheheist

Fans have expressed strong opinions on Payday 3‘s progression system, with many taking to online platforms to voice their dissatisfaction. Common complaints include the challenges being glitchy and not awarding XP even when successfully completed. Some players have noted that the XP earning pace grinds to a halt around level 25 unless one strictly adheres to the challenges. Such challenge-centric progression, according to some seasoned gamers, has been tried in the past in other games and has not been particularly successful.


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