Player Built a Fully Functional City in Starfield, and It’s Mind-Blowing!

The universe just got a bit more expansive, and no, we’re not referring to the infinite expanse of the cosmos. A player named Niko has harnessed the power of Bethesda’s interstellar title, Starfield, to create a fully operational and sustainable city within its vast environment. And let us be the first to say it’s nothing short of a marvel.

In a video he shared, one is treated to an expansive overview of their crowning achievement. Their outpost stands among the endless expanse of space, shimmering stars, and celestial bodies, an impressive city teeming with life and bustling with activity. For those familiar with the in-game galaxy, this sprawling city can be compared to the grandeur of Akila.

A subsequent walkthrough video gives viewers an up-close experience of the city’s intricate design. The gamer humorously admits to feeling tiny while traversing the streets of their very own creation, giving testament to the game’s impressive scale and immersion.

What powers this metropolis, you ask? Well, the gamer has thought of everything. Two advanced nuclear fusion reactors and multiple wind turbines work seamlessly to provide the necessary energy. This power grid supports the machinery, laser turrets, greenhouses, and a state-of-the-art military-grade scan booster (Level 3).

It’s not just buildings and machinery that populate this urban marvel. The city has a vibrant community of eight people and six robots. Though the bustling streets and glowing lights suggest a much larger populace, this small team of residents ensures that everything runs smoothly.

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