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Pokémon GO 402-Day Journey from Level 41 to 50, Player’s Level-by-Level Time Breakdown

Trainers, are you tired of people saying, “It’s just a game”? Well, reaching Level 50 in Pokémon GO is anything but child’s play. It’s a testament to grit, determination, and, yes, a dose of that special kind of madness only true Pokémon Trainers understand.

To start off, let’s talk about why hitting Level 50 is a monumental achievement. Beyond the bragging rights – which are certainly not insignificant – Level 50 grants you an edge in almost every aspect of the game. Higher level equals better in-game items, a boost in your Pokémon’s max CP, and an increased chance of hatching or catching higher-level Pokémon. The higher you go, the mightier you become, paving the way to conquer those brutally tough gyms and raids.

Remember the good old days when reaching Level 40 felt like standing atop Mt. Everest? Those were simpler times. Getting to Level 40 was all about grinding XP, but Niantic decided that wouldn’t be enough for Levels 41-50. Oh no, they went full-on “Taskmaster” mode. Now, each level between 41 and 50 comes with its own set of unique, sometimes hair-pulling, tasks. From catching a mind-boggling number of Pokémon within a set timeframe to beating the living daylights out of high-level raids, it’s a gauntlet designed to test the mettle of even the most die-hard trainers.

Recently, one Pokémon GO player shared their journey from Level 41 to 50, and folks, it’s a doozy. It took them “402 days” to reach this illustrious goal. That’s right, over a year of consistent effort, or three years in time. They were already a dedicated player, engaging in community days and participating in events. But let me tell you, they didn’t let their foot off the gas for even a second to make this climb.

How many days does it take to reach Level 50? Here’s a glimpse into their timeline:

  • Level 41: Reached in just 2 days (Whoa, speed demon!)
  • Level 42: 23 days (Okay, we’re pacing now.)
  • Level 43: 41 days (Getting strategic, aren’t we?)
  • Level 44: 51 days (Halfway there, but it’s getting tougher.)
  • Level 45: 71 days (Oof. The grind is real.)
  • Level 46: 114 days (Double oof!)
  • Level 47: 146 days (Okay, you’re just showing off now.)
  • Level 48: 152 days (The end is near, but oh so far.)
  • Level 49: A whopping 399 days! (Wait, what?!)
  • Level 50: Finally reached on 8/27/23 (Cue the confetti!)

LEVEL UP TIME BY DAYS (level 40 to 50)
by u/SEASEA_SEA in pokemongo

Is hitting Level 50 in Pokémon GO easy? Absolutely not. Is it worth it? Well, if you’re the type who’s all-in for the challenge, the rewards, and the sheer glory, then you bet your last Poké Ball it is. How far are you on your journey to Level 50? Are you closing in, or does the top still seem miles away? Share your experiences and tips in the comments below. We’re all in this together, Trainers!

Happy catching and may the Poké Balls be ever in your favor.

Disclaimer: The data mentioned in the article comes from community reports and personal accounts. Your journey to Level 50 might differ based on gameplay, strategy, and commitment.

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  1. I was going full speed ahead until I moved to a Pokémon ghost town. Pretty frustrating. And when the snowy winters come, things get more bleak. (My poor Pokémon friends then start to get the same pokestop gift day after day after day…. Sorry!) The only good thing is that if I put a mon in a gym out in a park, it can sit there for weeks without being kicked out. Somehow, though, I’ve made it to level 48 (which took me a year).

  2. I reached LEVEL 50 from the time I started playing one day before my 2 year anniversary. I started 8/6/2020 and hit level 50 on 8/5/2022. I grinded my tail off every single day!

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