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Pokémon GO a simple trick to consistently collect Zygarde Cells on Routes

Trainers, there’s a trick to get Zygarde Cells, and it appears to work like a charm every time. It’s incredibly simple, so you’ll definitely want to give it a shot. Here’s how you can master this Zygarde Cell hunt.

First off, if you haven’t yet encountered Zygarde, you’ll need to complete the third segment of the “From A to Zygarde” Special Research. Just claim the rewards, and you’ll get an encounter with Zygarde in its 10% form and a handy Zygarde Cube. Once you have the cube, you’re geared up to gather more Zygarde Cells.

These Cells can be found using the newly introduced Routes feature in Pokémon GO. As you meander down a Route, look out for the Cells, they’ll stand out as small, shiny, green-yellow icons.

Now for the trick that could make your Zygarde quest a walk in the park, literally. When you’re about 100m away from the end of a Route, pause your journey, close the game, then reopen it and restart your Route. Take a little stroll in circles and you should encounter a Cell.

Remember, each Route provides only three exclusive spawns, which could be either Pokémon or Zygarde Cells. Any additional Pokémon you see are just the standard spawns and not specific to the Route.

Curious if this trick worked for you? Drop us a comment, we’re all ears for your Zygarde adventures.

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    1. You can now see all routes on the campfire map. This is super helpful to find them now. Hope this helps at least! good luck!

    2. Exactly my experience too. I live in the county but have gone into the city as well and found nothing! Even in the county we have more than enough people (there’s over 700,000 here in county/city) and no sign of a route anywhere. My family and I are really getting tired of this.

  1. i don’t have any routes around my neighborhood so it’s impossible for me to get zygarde cells and unable to get the research done

    1. I was the same way. Then they rolled out the ability to create your own routes. As far as I know, I’m the only person in town that has made any routes. I figure they will eventually roll out the ability to create routes to everyone. The main thing is to never give up hope!!!

  2. I walked a 1300m route 3 times and found one cell. The 3rd time, I tried this trick. The cell didn’t appear immediately, but rather a few meters from the end, so I don’t know if it was the restarting of the game, or a regular spawn. I also didn’t find any “exclusive” spawns, whatever those are.

  3. I’ve made 4 different routes and walked them each many times. I have yet to actually find a Zygarde cell. I kept thinking that maybe my phone was too old and not spawning them. I’ll definitely try this method tomorrow when I walk my routes. Keep up the amazing work and have a great day!!!

  4. I haven’t been able to find any while walking on routes, regardless of the tricks and tips. The only time that I did find one was after my grandson and I stopped short of completing the route. I paused it, drove home (which is 2 miles away) and the next day when I opened Pokemon again the Zygart cell spawned in my living room.

  5. This feature is dumb. There are a total of ZERO routes in my area so I have to be stuck with the first evolution forever I guess.

  6. We have been using this method with a lot of success with 1 slight change. I think it also is key to get at least one route pokemon. When we don’t we seem to not get a cell. They is usually 1 at the beginning, one at the middle, and 1 near where the zygarde cell spawns most of the time ( where you reccomendedthe pause restart). But this gets us 1-2 cells 90-95% of the time now. Good luck everyone! Also, find routes on the campfire map now! This is sooo helpful!

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