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Pokémon GO Bombirdier shiny rate and best counters

Trainers, meet Bombirdier, the latest addition to Pokémon GO’s roster, released during the much-anticipated Ultra Unlock: Paldea event. Not only is this feathered friend appearing in Three-Star Raids, but it also comes in a shiny variant. Eager to know the shiny Bombirdier catch rate? Stick around; we’ve crunched the numbers.

Making its grand entrance on September 10, 2023, Bombirdier quickly became a hot topic within the Pokémon GO community. Currently making its nest in Three-Star Raids, this Pokémon isn’t too tough to tackle; a duo of well-prepared Trainers can take it down.

So, what’s the shiny Bombirdier catch rate? Based on community data, your odds sit at roughly 1 in 15 or a 6.5% chance. Not too shabby!

When planning your Bombirdier raid strategy, consider these top counters:

  • Mega Diancie with Rock Throw and Rock Slide
  • Mega Manectric with Thunder Fang and Wild Charge
  • Xurkitree with Thunder Shock and Discharge
  • Zekrom with Charge Beam and Fusion Bolt
  • Baxcalibur with Ice Fang and Avalanche

Happy raiding, Trainers! Let’s go catch ’em all and add shiny Bombirdier to our collections.

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