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Pokémon GO bug: why are Pokémon not shown in the Gyms’ tab and how to fix it

In the Pokémon GO universe, a nagging bug has caught the community’s attention: Pokémon are not being displayed in the Gyms’ tab as they should be. This issue is not a new one; reports indicate it has been lurking for the past three updates. However, the latest update has yet to address this problem, leaving players to seek their own remedies.

The bug that prevents Pokémon from showing up in the Gyms’ tab has been a point of discussion among players for some time now. While the problem has not been fixed in the most recent patch, players continue to encounter it, fueling concerns within the community.

Restarting the app is generally a go-to fix for many minor issues in Pokémon GO, but this bug proves to be more stubborn. Players report that even after a restart, the Pokémon still do not appear in the Gym interface as they should.

Given the absence of an official fix, players have suggested various workarounds to deal with this display issue. Here are some options shared by the community:

  • Search the Dex for Defender: Navigate to your Pokédex and search for the Pokémon you’ve designated as a defender. This may help reveal their status.
  • Sort Gym Badges by ‘Defending’: Visit your Gym badges and sort them by ‘Defending.’ This is another way to check on your Pokémon’s status in a Gym.
  • Check Your Profile: Within your Pokémon GO profile under the ‘Gyms’ section, a small Pikachu icon should appear, indicating which Pokémon you have defending Gyms.
  • Use Map List to Feed Defenders: Despite the visual glitch, you can still feed your defenders by navigating to the map list in your profile.

If you’ve encountered this display bug or found an effective workaround, your input would be invaluable. Sharing your experiences can help the community understand the scope of this issue and find temporary fixes until an official solution is provided.

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