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Pokémon GO Build-a-Ball feature, a fan made concept with endless possibilities

The Pokémon GO community is quite innovative community, with a fountain of ideas that never seems to stop its flow.

Around ten days ago or so, we were introduced to Berry Blender, a fan made concept that, if actually implemented sometimes (in the far future) could change the whole dynamic of the game. Well now, due to the positive opinions on it, the Redditor going by the name u/BaronVonPingas has come up with a new “feature” that is also very captivating.

The Berry Blender seemed to go down well, so here is the Build-a-Ball!
byu/BaronVonPingas inpokemongo

Crafting and evolving are the core of Pokémon GO, so with Build-a-Ball, there are endless possibilities of PokéBalls. Per the Redditor, Trainers would put custom components into the device, hit craft and watch the magic happen. It would be up to the Trainer how funny looking or how useful the PokéBall would be.

We all have some experience with Build-a-Bear, coming up with our own fantasy or creation so unique no one would (or can) replicate it.

What PokéBall would you create? Share your ideas with us below in the comments.

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