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Pokémon GO content creators deleting posts about the GBL exploit, are they being silenced by Niantic?

Trainers, we’re about to dive into a subject that’s been noticeably missing from the Pokémon GO content scene, specifically, a disconcerting exploit in the Pokémon GO Battle League. We’ve noticed that this topic seems almost taboo among content creators. Let’s break the silence and discuss what’s going on, how it’s impacting the community, and why Niantic seems eager to sweep it under the rug.

An anonymous whistle-blower recently approached YouTuber Poké AK with evidence of a Discord bot that grants players a unique, and unfair, advantage during Battle League matches. This bot isn’t just good; it’s next-level. It can divulge an opponent’s entire Pokémon roster, complete with movesets, and even predict charged moves.

Let’s get real here. The Battle League isn’t just fun and games, it’s a space where Trainers invest time and strategy, honing their skills to climb the ranks. So, a bot like this doesn’t just bend the rules, it threatens to break the whole system.

Determining who’s using this exploit versus who’s genuinely skilled has become an increasingly complex issue. With the bot’s prevalence, an excellent shield strategy can quickly attract suspicion, blurring the line between fair play and foul.

Now, you might ask, where are our trusted Pokémon GO content creators in all this mess? Many are strangely silent, some posts are disappearing, and others can’t “really” talk about it. Why the radio silence? We can’t say for sure, but it does raise questions about Niantic’s role in controlling the narrative.

Here’s some food for thought: what if this bot has been operational for years, and the discord felt by many seasoned Trainers is due to widespread, undercover exploitation? It’s worth pondering, especially if you’ve ever had that gnawing feeling that something in the Battle League just isn’t right.

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