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Pokémon GO field research task poor wording, or is it a bug?

Well, well, well. If it weren’t for buggy Pokémon GO, our lives would be totally dull.

Recently, a Pokémon GO player and a Reddit user shared with the community that they might have found a bug in the game. Nothing new, really.

The player goes on to explain that the field research task, which involves snapshotting a specific type of Pokémon only works once per day. Regardless of whether they snapshotted the same Pokémon twice or a different Pokémon, it did not count towards the task.

Now, other Trainers say that the whole field research task has poor wording and that players should snapshot three different species, instead of one species. What is up with this task? Is it really that difficult to complete it?

Has this happened to you? What Pokémon did you use to complete the task?

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