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Pokémon GO from Snorlax to sniffles, the tragic tales of Pokémon GO players

When there are happy catches, there are sad catches (or rather, failed catches). Every Trainer who has ever played the most popular game in the world has had their fair share of sad moments.

Some missed a unique catch, and some experienced game lags and bugs. But without a doubt, the most painful moments are when the phone dies, and just as it begins to turn off, you encounter a rare Shiny Pokémon. I guess we all can relate the most to this.

As I was exploring the Reddit world, I came across a thread where Trainers share their most painful moments in the game. They were indeed hard to read, but nonetheless, here are the comments that broke my little heart:

“So I was over at a friends house and we were just casually hangin around, I opened Pokémon go for laughs, then I did a team rocket battle and boom shiny shadow teddiursa, I was so excited that I screenshotted it, but exactly when I threw a ball, my phone fell out because it was 1% on battery, and I didn’t have my charger, my friend also didn’t have a charger, so I thought maybe if I’m home I could catch, but when I got back home, and charged my phone, it wasn’t there anymore, so i kept searching everywhere in the menus to see if I could still catch it, but no the shiny shadow teddiursa was gone, now I have but a mere screenshot of this little guy”

“Hundo kyogre fled when it was around Gofest. Got a hundo kartana as my first raid. Guess what happened next?”

“Mine was today. I caught a frigibax and was mass clearing 0, 1, 2 star pokemon after the event and transferred it. I was so sad.”

What is your sad moment? Share it with us in the comments below.

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  1. I caught a female salandit. Of course I evolved it. It is one of the most rarest pokémon there is. Then I was mass clearing pokémon to make a room for an event. I must not have put in a star on it and there she went. Haven’t got a female again since. Sad. I have her in my Pokedex for evidence but that’s it .

  2. I got my first shundo from a raid.. it was a Cresselia! And sure enough.. my phone DIED right as it popped up on my screen!! But unfortunately, by the time I turned my phone back on.. the raid was over! I was CRUSHED!! Devastated!!

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