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Pokémon GO going from Level 1 to Level 40 in just two months? Is it possible?

Everything is possible in Pokémon GO. Or not. We are all here to test everything out, right?

One Trainer going by the name u/LuigiWasAlwaysBetter (wheezing at the username) posted over at Reddit where they explain that going from Level 1 to Level 40 in two months is possible during the Adventures Abound Season, mainly because of the milestone rewards Trainers have these months.

Milestones have a 50% boost during the Adventures Abound Season, so reaching the Good Friends level with a friend will grant you 4500 XP. Reaching Great Friends will reward you 15k XP while reaching Ultra Friends 75k XP. To be honest, all of this is a significant amount of XP, and it is even more mesmerizing that you do not need Lucky Eggs for these numbers.

Giving Gifts now gives 200 XP during the Adventures Abound Season, and Trainers are allowed to send 100 Gifts per day. The Redditor then goes on to explain that if you manage to send 100 Gifts to fully new friends for a month, you will gain 10,050,000 XP. Doing this twice (two months) will earn you 20,100,000 XP. Again, these numbers are without using a Lucky Egg.

Are you going to try this? What do you think, is this achievable? Tell us in the comments below.

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  1. I think that I’ve been playing for over a year and I just hit lvl 30 here recently.

    However I’m not always actively using it and carrying it on me like a zombie, I’ve just been playing casually and get a couple KM per week. Maybe if you’re a hardcore grinder it’s achievable.

  2. This is completely achievable as my son and I have been playing since only 7/9/2023 (account name Nikolaexcision) and we have nearly hit level 36 as of today. We are hoping to hit level 42 by the end of October.

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