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Pokémon GO Gold Gym badges cap, they disappear if you don’t interact for a long time

Trainers, here’s a quick reminder for those who love taking over gyms and earning Gold Gym Badges in Pokémon GO. Did you know you can only keep track of a certain number of Gold Gym Badges in the game? If you’re not active at a specific gym for a while, the badge might even disappear from your list.

Let’s go back a bit: Gym Badges were added to Pokémon GO in a 2017 update. These badges give you another reason to visit specific gyms to get extra rewards. Plus, they’re another fun thing to collect.

Leveling up your Pokémon GO Gym Badges isn’t just for showing off; you also get extra rewards and XP. When you visit a gym, you get a badge that is unique to that gym location. To get the Basic badge, all you need to do is spin the gym’s photo disc.

If you want to see your collection of badges, open your Trainer Profile, scroll down to the ‘Gym Badges’ section and tap ‘List.’ If you want to see all the gyms you’ve visited on a map, just tap on the Gym Badge map at the bottom left corner while you’re in the list menu.

You can get four types of badges: Basic, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Each level gives you more items and XP when you spin the gym’s photo disc. Here’s how you can level up your Gym Badges:

  • Add a Pokémon to the Gym: Earns you 100 Badge XP
  • Keep a Pokémon at the Gym: Earns you 1 Badge XP per minute
  • Beat a defending Pokémon: Earns you Badge XP based on the CP of the defeated Pokémon divided by 100
  • Win a Raid battle: Earns you 1,000 Badge XP
  • Feed Berries to Pokémon at the Gym: Earns you 50 Badge XP, along with 30 Stardust and maybe some Candy

Once you have earned 1,000 Gold Gym Badges, some of your older badges may no longer appear on your Badge list. However, there is no need to be concerned, as you can easily retrieve your Gold Badge and its corresponding rewards by spinning the Photo Disc at an old Gym.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a special badge that counts all the Gold Gyms you’ve earned? Why do you think Niantic hasn’t added this yet? What are your thoughts? We’d love to hear from you.

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Dejan Kacurov

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  1. Working on getting gold gym badges is one of my favorite activities in the game. I even have gold gyms in Israel, Mexico, Philippines and Belarus. I might never make it back to those locations but would love to have the gyms stay in my list and show up with better clarity on the map. And yes I have always thought they should have a medal for gyms!

  2. Yes, I would love a “Golden Gym’ badge. I have around 195 gold gyms, and would love a badge to push me to get to 200. (What gets measured gets done.)

    One reason I suspect there is no badge is that might interfere with them adding a platinum level to gyms at a later date.

    I also wish that for gyms, they also provided the exact points earned on a gym, not just a bar graph or a positional ranking

  3. J’ai l’impression que le badge d’une arène qui a été supprimé disparet aussi.
    Parcontre si une arène redeviens un pokestop le badge persiste et ne disparut pas de la liste si on fait tourner le pokestop.

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